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I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia, where there are almost more Wawas than people. So you can only imagine how many times I’ve been inside one, and how many hoagies I’ve devoured.

Seriously, the rush of excitement I felt the first time I heard the Hoagiefest jingle on TV is burned into memory. And I’ll never forget when I bit into my first hoagie. It was an Italian, no tomatoes, little bit of mayo, little bit of oil, sweet peppers, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, on a classic roll. Washed it down with a strawberry banana smoothie with whipped cream, still my favorite beverage from Wawa today.

I’m not alone in my youthful enthusiasm for the brand, by the way — check out this kid:

These days, the rest of the world is starting to realize Wawa goes beyond just an average convenience store. The chain has evolved. Once upon a time, the only reason my friends and I would go to Wawa was because it offered free water, which we took advantage of after playing basketball. Now it’s a place I go for a meal, a healthy snack, gas, almost anything.

My daily Wawa trip includes many sights I find routine at this point — but catching them all in one visit is a trick.

Next time you go to a Wawa, can you spot all 12 of these things?

The Wawa Scavenger Hunt

1) Someone impatiently tapping their foot and rolling their eyes as they wait to order

Some people take a really long time to navigate that touchscreen menu.

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn

2) Anyone not getting a hoagie

This used to be tougher. Nowadays the menu has everything from soups to quesadillas — but hoagies are still the lingua franca of the food counter.

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn

3) A person shoving Tastykakes in their pockets while trying to evade the eyes of workers

Considering how busy Wawa is at times, it’s not surprising how often people get away with this.

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn

4) A police officer pouring their millionth cup of coffee

Can’t really blame them, as the company provides java to cops free of charge.

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn

5) People gathered over a trash can smoking outside

You don’t even have to go into the store to find this one.

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn

6) Someone wearing pajamas repping a Philly sports team

Go Eagles!


7) A hoagie with everything falling out of it

We all know this is basically every Wawa hoagie — but they get wrapped up quickly that actually spotting one might be tough.

Credit: Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

8) Apple slices without the skin

PSA: This is legit the best snack the store sells. They cut them just like my mom does!

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn

9) A child making a fuss because their parents won’t buy them candy

Have you introduced them to the apple slices, mom or dad?


10) Guy in line rummaging through his pockets in search of the extra 55 cents for a large coffee

We all know that dude.

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn

11) 1,079 different flavors of Wawa iced tea and juices

Ok, there’s not quite that many varieties. But there are a LOT — at least 25 or 30.

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn

12) Cashier rolling their eyes at the length of the line

We are sorry for patronizing your store.

Credit: Miguel Martinez / Billy Penn