Longtime Sixers reporter Molly Sullivan was ousted at NBC Sports Philadelphia, and fans are pissed

Some even threatened to boycott the network over the move.

Sullivan with Sixers guard JJ Reddick in April 2018

Sullivan with Sixers guard JJ Reddick in April 2018

Twitter / @MollySullivanTV

Updated June 21

After six years pouring her heart into covering the Sixers for the network, sideline reporter Mollly Sullivan no longer works for NBC Sports Philadelphia.

The well-traveled broadcast journalist has also appeared on Top Rank boxing, NBA on TNT, NBA on ESPN, and done sideline reporting for college football and basketball.

On Twitter Tuesday night, Sullivan, 38, said the network gave her the “moving in a new direction” excuse for letting her go.

To fans and those who follow the sport, this was big news. It also follows several other personnel shifts since the rebrand from Comscast Sportsnet.

Recent years have been rough for Philly’s basketball team, and Sullivan was considered a bright spot. It seemed like the entire city weighed in on Twitter after her announcement, with some offering words of encouragement and others showing their disappointment.

Philly native and ESPN sportscaster anchor Kevin Negandhi was among the large group of people who showed support.

Derrick Gunn, an NBC sports reporter and anchor, tweeted out his distaste for the move by his network.

Billy Penn contributor and former sports anchor Sarah Baicker used to host Breakfast on Broad for Comcast Sportsnet/NBC Sports Philadelphia before it was cancelled. So she knows the feeling.

Ricard Deitsch, who writes for The Athletic and hosts his own radio show in Toronto, questioned the move.

Tons of disappointed fans tweeted their disappointment.

Some took the news worse than others. From blaming the move on former general manager Bryan Colangelo (everything is Colangelo’s fault these days) to threatening to stop Trusting the Process; it was clear people were upset.

Sullivan spoke at a Play By Play Sports Broadcasting Camp on Wednesday, and received a standing ovation from the campers.

Sullivan responded to the support from her fans and peers Wednesday afternoon, saying she was humbled by the response.

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