Food trucks are big in Philly — but which one reps the city’s current zeitgeist best?

You’ve been helping answer that question by voting in the Ultimate Philly Food Truck bracket, presented by The Philadelphia Contributionship.

Using your nominations, we started five weeks ago with an opening field of 32. Each round cut the competition in half, from the Sweet 16 to the Elite Eight to the Final Four. We even hosted a food truck celebration at New Liberty Distillery so you could taste some of the contenders yourself.

And now, we’re here: the final round, the championship. Our finalists? The spunky slider-makers at Stuff’d Buns and the egg roll experts at Dump-N-Roll.

How do these two greats match up? We put them side-by-side for a detailed comparison. Check out where they stack up, then cast your vote for the ULTIMATE winner below.

A Stuff’d Buns ‘Mac Attack’ slider Credit: Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

Physical size

Dump-N-Roll: “Shelby” is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 12 feet high

Stuff’d Buns: 8 feet high, 10 feet wide

Kitchen equipment in tow

Dump-N-Roll:  Two double fryers, four-foot griddle, four burner combo, four-foot prep fridge, double sliding door fridge and a freezer

Stuff’d Buns: “Hot held,” fryer, grill

Cooking methodologies

Dump-N-Roll: Frying and pan-frying, and steaming

Stuff’d Buns: “Dry heat cooking”: Grilling, roasting, sautéing, deep frying


Dump-N-Roll: Kissin Fresh Meats and Restaurant Depot

Stuff’d Buns: Bread is from Philly Bread Co. 

Height of biggest bite

Dump-N-Roll: 5.33 inches

Stuff’d Buns: The Mac Attack, at 4 inches

Vegan options?

Dump-N-Roll: Yup (12, per the posted menu)

Stuff’d Buns: The Veg (homemade veggie patty with caramelized onions and fried mushrooms)

Gluten-free options?

Dump-N-Roll: “Have to these days.”

Stuff’d Buns: “Currently, we are looking for the perfect gluten-free bun or substitute. For now, you can get any of our sliders over gluten-free chips.”

Credit: Joan Brady / Spirited Media

Location of commissary

Dump-N-Roll: Industrial Food Truck in Grays Ferry

Stuff’d Buns: Industrial Food Truck in Grays Ferry

Regular vending locations

Dump-N-Roll: None

Stuff’d Buns: None

Length of time on the road

Dump-N-Roll: 40 months

Stuff’d Buns: Almost a year

Miles traveled

Dump-N-Roll: Using a car for work, 62,000 miles. Truck to get on site, 35,000 miles

Stuff’d Buns: 80.

Most customers served in a day

Dump-N-Roll: 582

Stuff’d Buns: 500

Social media presence

Dump-N-Roll: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Stuff’d Buns: Instagram

Average No. of menu items

Dump-N-Roll: 7

Stuff’d Buns: 3 (which makes it easier to order a “triple threat,” aka one of each slider)

Sell drinks?

Dump-N-Roll: “Since the dumbass Philly soda tax, mainly just H2O”

Stuff’d Buns: Water and soda


Dump-N-Roll: No.

Stuff’d Buns: Yes!

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