Ultimate Philly Food Truck Bracket

WATCH: The 2018 Ultimate Philly Food Truck champion makes a mean mac ‘n’ cheese slider

Big congrats to Stuff’d Buns, a rookie force to be reckoned with.

The Mac Attack by Stuff'd Buns

The Mac Attack by Stuff'd Buns

Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

Over the course of six weeks, you helped narrow the field of 32 mobile vendors contending in our Ultimate Philly Food Truck bracket, presented by The Philadelphia Contributionship. You weighed delectable dumplings, finger-licking ribs, distinctive donuts, bangin’ curry and lots more — and even came out to try them in person at our food truck celebration at New Liberty Distillery.

In the final round, voting was close, but there was no contest:

Big congratulations to Stuff’d Buns, the Billy Penn 2018 Ultimate Philly Food Truck.

Not a huge surprise, since Stuff’d Buns proprietors Rachel Knable and Monica Magalhaes worked hard for their votes. They had links to the weekly ballots on their personal Instagram accounts, frequent reminders on the Stuff’d Buns Facebook and Instagram pages, and even a call-to-action sign at the Gayborhood Night Market in June.

Also, they have great sliders. Especially popular is the decadent creation known as a Mac Attack — aka a fried mac ‘n’ cheese patty topped with a cheeseburger and bacon with spicy sauce on a potato bun. Yeah.

Check out a video of the Mac Attack being made in all its cheesy glory:

The win is even more impressive when you learn the truck has been on the street less than a year. But it was a perfect fit for the duo.

“After working in multiple kitchens and trucks,” Knable explained, “never being able to put my own style into the type of food I was making was frustrating. I decided to take the plunge.”

Motivation came from her business partner and girlfriend, Magalhaes, who was also “raised” in a restaurant kitchen. The partners share cooking duties on the truck. “We love what we do, every day,” Knable said. “We love the hustle and bustle.”

On July 15, Stuff’d Buns will celebrate its one-year anniversary. Plans call for a bigger truck with a bigger menu soon, but for now, the cart they have is only just barely able to keep up with the demand for sliders.

Keep your eye out for Stuff’d Buns on the road near you.

Mónica Marie Zorrilla/Billy Penn

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