On a ridiculously hot and cloudless September morning, hundreds upon hundreds of Eagles fans gathered on Penn’s Landing to express love, hope and unwavering obsession for their team.

The occasion was the NFL Kickoff Experience, a ten-hour sporty spectacle hosted by the league to honor last year’s Super Bowl champs before taking on the Falcons in the season opener on Sept. 6.


Attractions and games that fans could experience — for free! — included autograph signings, a photo op with the Lombardi Trophy, a glance at the full collection of 52 Super Bowl rings on view, a raffle to win tickets to the Kickoff game or to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, an NFL Play 60 zone, and three concerts — Daya, Locash and Shawn Mendes.

(Honestly, some people seemed like they were only there for teenybopper sensation Mendes, even if that meant waiting nearly half a day in sweltering heat.)


Among the swarm of sweaty humans holding icy beer cans to their foreheads and fanning their faces were several true Eagles style icons. Some of the outfits were eye-catching, some were wholesome and sweet and some were just plain weird.

Here are some of the best.

When Suicide Squad meets the NFL


We never knew how badly society was in need of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn as Eagles fan until now. Maybe if she had been wearing a shirt supporting Philly’s champs, the villain-centric film courtesy of the DC Universe wouldn’t have been a 28 percent flop on Rotten Tomatoes. Just a thought.

Underdogs stick together


These two lovebirds love the Birds so much, they decided to sport matching underdog tees. Spotted holding hands headed to the Budweiser tent for some Philly Philly bubbly, the secret to their 12 years together probably has something to do with the fact that they both root for the same team.

After all, the sixth love language is football.

A purveyor of Jason Kelce’s poetry


Yeah, Philadelphia’s official poet laureate is queer, Latinx, boricua and an overall badass who can evoke powerful emotion in two languages. Jason Kelce? He can evoke powerful emotion dressed as a Mummer and dropping f-bombs, which is poetic in and of itself.

Bedazzled and tatted: The Birdgang Divas


This is the description from the Birdgang Divas group, in case you needed more than mere photographic evidence for why you should worship these ladies:

?We designed this group as a place for us women to bond, inspire, uplift, support, and network with each other. This group is a drama free zone and we intend to keep it as such.? ?We are all Die Hard Birdgang Divas 4 Life! SWOOP?”

In this group, members go to events and host screenings together, teach each other the ins and outs of football and even have a health club where they support each other’s fitness and wellness goals. Precious. I want all of these women to adopt me.

Brain-eating, football-playing Mummers


We would watch a one-hour special that combined this lady’s (very specific) televised favorites.

William Penn is rattling in his grave


Don’t you remember learning about how the Commonwealth was named after Sir Carson James Wentz? I did — at least I did in a parallel universe where life is infinitely better.

If we ever secede from the United States, let’s not forget to petition for a name change.

PJs, but make it fashion


Fashion has simultaneously evolved and devolved to the point of supermodels being praised for wearing pajamas in public, so we can’t help but salute those who are committed to being awesome fans while also staying true to their basic needs of being cool and cozy.

Gia Severoni created this trendy sorta-nightgown herself. She was excited to be photographed noted that she and her now-fiancé had their first date at an Eagles game (against the Tampa Bay Buccanneers) four years ago, so the Eagles have a “special place” in her heart. Aww.



This man brought utterly too much sauce to the NFL Kickoff Experience. All eyes were on this entrepreneur’s regal ensemble.

A chic, gender-bending skirt made out of a towel, a funky airbrushed tee and a baseball cap with an eagle robotically flapping its wings from his company, aptly called Flying Bird Hat. Oh, think it can’t get any better? It can. The eagle also appears to be able to emit an intimidating green glow from its piercing gaze. 

Someone, please get this man on Shark Tank.



YuniVerZal was one of the few vendors braving the deliriously high temperatures to sell his swag. Since the big win in February, he’s been trying to make the slogan #PursueForTwo happen. Let’s make it happen.