PSA: The free, legal way to stream the Eagles-Saints game

Cord-cutters, a national nonprofit has your back.

Mike DiNovo / USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles take on the Saints in New Orleans for the NFC divisional round of the NFL Playoffs on Sunday, and there’s one question on everyone’s mind: Will the YouTube TV stream be in Spanish again?

Ok, perhaps there are more pressing issues to ponder, like whether Nick Foles and his newly-reinvigorated squad will be able to avoid the embarrassment Drew Brees & co. dished out in the 48-7 blowout when the teams last met in November — and whether Carson Wentz will be pulled in (as backup!) for the rest of the playoffs if they do.

But first, cord-cutting fans in Philadelphia need to figure out a way to watch.

There’s always the option of going to one of the gazillion bars that’ll have the game playing with sound on multiple screens, but if you want to host your own party, the usual suspects for livestreaming (YouTube TV, Sling TV, NFL Game Pass) all require subscriptions.

Except one. It’s called Locast — and it’s not only free and easy, it’s also nonprofit.

The organization, founded in 2018 as a “public service to Americans,” provides a broadcast signal over the internet in several cities around the nation. Philly happens to be one of them (NYC, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Dallas and Denver are the others), which means your entire local TV schedule can be viewed anytime just by going to its website.

Something free must be shoddy quality, right? That’s true for some of the torrented links going around reddit, but not in this case.

The sports feed from isn’t anywhere near 4k or high-def, but it consistently manages to hold about the same quality as standard definition cable. Maybe not ideal for your next viewing of Dunkirk, but totally fine for watching green and purple jerseys scramble around the gridiron.

Eagles-Saints kickoff is at 4:40 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 13. You can stream it for free right here.

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