Philly’s poverty problem is no secret, but it’s also hard to understand. How did we become the poorest big city in the U.S.? What are the underlying factors keeping us back — and what can we do to change them?

Since the start of 2018, Billy Penn has been exploring the issues around the city’s stark economic inequality — and solutions that exist or could be implemented to help fix it — as part of the Broke in Philly reporting collaborative.

In 2019, we’re ready to go deeper. We want YOU to help tell us what to report.

Along with our partners at Generocity, PlanPhilly, and NBC Philadelphia, we’re launching a series called Broke in Philly is Listening. This year, we’ll be dedicating extra reporting to themes of earning, keeping, living, and organizing your money — from the angles that you want to hear about.

Curious about the pay disparity between restaurant dining rooms and kitchens? Want to know more about what Comcast is doing for people in its home city? Insights on the impact sports stars’ charitable foundations actually have?

Submit your questions using the form below. We’ll pick the best ones (with help from readers — you’ll get to vote), investigate the facts (with help from experts and good ol’ shoe leather), and share the answers in a feature article.

What do you want us to report on today?

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Danya Henninger is director and editor of Billy Penn at WHYY, where she oversees the team, all editorial decisions, and all revenue generation — including the membership program. She is a former food...