Know someone who misses Philadelphia? Help them reminisce with a candle that smells like home. No seriously, you can do that. Or make the gesture, at least.

A company called Homesick Candles made a splash a few years back when it started selling scented wicked-wax jars themed after various places. Options available include various countries around the world, all 50 U.S. states, several different regions, and many American cities.

Some of these scents are obvious. Ocean-pine for Cape Cod. Campfire for Smoky Mountains. Tanned leather for Aspen. Caviar for the Hamptons.

And for Philadelphia, well, Homesick says its going for “sweet smells from Italian bakeries” by using a blend of musk and vanilla “to encapsulate The City of Brotherly Love.”

Mmmm, maybe. But maybe not. What smells would really rep the city? Herewith we present 9 Philly scented candles to burn when you miss home.

1) Wawa Hoagie Counter

Old tomatoes + heavy oregano + notes of mayonnaise

2) SEPTA Elevator

Urine with a strong metallic undercurrent

3) Philly Pretzel Factory

Stale pretzels + old coins

4) Ninth & Passyunk

Sizzling meat, frying onions and just enough nuance of vomit

5) River Wards

Fireball shot + Newport ash

6) Broad & Erie

Beard oil + dehydrated cheese whiz

7) The Rizzo Statue

Grandpa’s cologne with an undertone of raw eggs

8) Flor de Fairhill

Pinchos + fireworks

9) Manayunk Main Street

Vintage clothing + raw sewage