‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’ drinking game: Watch Jason Segel’s Philly-set AMC show

Amid the weirdness, Philadelphians can expect plenty of familiar sights.

There's a temporary 'Dispatches From Elsewhere' mural at the Comcast Center

There's a temporary 'Dispatches From Elsewhere' mural at the Comcast Center

Kimberly Paynter / WHYY

The new AMC show that Jason Segel, Andre 3000 and Sally Field spent last summer filming in Philly is finally here.

Described as a “love letter” to the city, the season opener of “Dispatches from Elsewhere” airs on Sunday night at 10 p.m. The plot looks to be a bit trippy. Per AMC, it’s about a group of “ordinary people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil of everyday life.”

Whatever weirdness goes down in Season 1, you can expect a whole lot of familiar sights. The trailer was basically a slideshow of pristinely shot Phillyscapes, from Upper Darby to Fishtown to Rittenhouse Square.

Check out these teaser clips from the show, then saddle up on Sunday with whoever has cable — or stream it online.

Will Hollywood gloss over the complexities and nuances of the city? Or will they dig in deep and get things right?

Here’s a drinking game to make it more fun. (Find a printable PDF copy here.)

The Billy Penn ‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’ Drinking Game

Drink every time:

…Someone describes Philly by its ‘grit’

Look, we grit it. We really do. Here’s to hoping this doesn’t become a running reference point for the whole first season. Drink up.

…Andre 3000 plays his flute in public

He’s gotta do this on the show, right? Or was it something he just does IRL in cities around the world? Inquiring minds need to know.

…Jason Segel charms a stranger on the street

Same as above.

…There’s a shot of City Hall

There’s a chance you might not have had enough drinks by this point, so we’re throwing this one for an easy fix. The producers of “Dispatches” did make a big deal of doing sets in each neighborhood, but the city’s most central stunning architecture is hard to overlook.

…A real Philly personality makes a cameo

Could be former Lt. Gov.-turned-entertainer Mike Stack or perhaps a famous Philly street character like the man with the well-dressed pugs, but we’re hoping to see some local talent making a mark.

…A mural is shown on screen

This show is real big on Philly’s murals, by the looks of the teasers. We don’t blame them!

…There’s a reference to ‘fish’ or ‘Fishtown’

The protagonist of “Dispatches” lives/works in the hipster bubble over there, so expect a lot of that. Wonder if they got the licensing for Arctic Splash?

…A Comcast tower shows up in the background

Hey, big fella. Drink up.

…Something happens that makes you say “that would never happen in Philly”

A group of complete strangers sitting in a Stephen Starr restaurant plotting to unravel the time-space continuum? This is like two truths and a lie. Have a drink.

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