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What better time to express love for Philadelphia than Valentine’s Day? We put out the call for original poems on this topic, and readers responded by the dozen.

After Billy Penn members helped narrow down the options to a handful of finalists, it’s now your turn to pick the winners.

The poem with the most votes will score a $100 gift card to Cantina Los Caballitos; second place gets a $50 card; third place gets $25. Even that will go far at the East Passyunk spot, which is also offering a special Valentine’s Day Taco Fiesta Box (add Blood Orange margaritas for extra splash).

Check out the options, then register your picks via the form below. As you read, appreciate the diverse interpretations of the word “poem.” Remember that Philadelphians contain multitudes. But most importantly: Vote with your heart!

Voting closes 10 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11. Winners will be announced 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12 — just in time for V-Day weekend happy hour.

1) ‘Manuel’ 

Manuel took his first flight
From sunny Santiago
On (I swear to God) Super Bowl Sunday
We threw on our boots and ran outside
My neighborhood wild and howling
and he said, “So this is America.”
No, baby, this is Philly — let me tell you about my city

— Kate, Manayunk

2) ‘COVID V-Day’

COVID V-Day isn’t pretty
I won’t even get to kiss that jawn Gritty
While this city is known for its brotherly love
I’m out here in the singles club
Now raise a glass to the singles in Philly
V-Day 2022 will be our year, so DILLY DILLY

— Alaina, North Philadelphia

3) ‘Otherly Love’

We’re dancing in the streets as the Philly Sound sings
An ode to the City of Otherly Love
Where beautiful things happen, beautiful things
Art for your sore eyes and grit for yous(e) tough guys
Jilted by others who don’t understand us.
America was born here!
Wooderice, soft pretzels, and the smell of hoagies fill the air
No one likes us, we don’t care!

— Ezra, East Passyunk

4) ‘End of the Day’

It’s not always pretty.
When the Birds are bad
Or the El is late
Or the weather is shitty
But at the end of the day
I’m in love with my city
And I’ll fight anyone
Who talks shit on Gritty

— Tommy, Northern Liberties

5) ‘The Dolphin’

You tasted like tequila and Tecate,
The night that we melted our bodies
On the sticky little dance floor,
Meek Mill bumpin’ past four,
Meet me by the back door,
Kiss me like it’s last call
I know we just met but let’s see,
We can make something great like Betsy,
Our stripes and stars aligned,
Maybe you were meant to be mine
I’m not drawin, but I’m drawn to your mind talk,
Like a pigeon to a pretzel on the sidewalk
So what’s it gonna be, I know it’s gettin late
I know you only know me by my Instagram name
But my Uber’s here so if you wanna date,
Meet me at Phil’s for a chicken cheesesteak

— Natalie, South Philadelphia

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