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Philly Quizzo: Local trivia quiz with bonus Halloween costumes

24 questions about everything Philadelphia.

Participants at the October Philly Quizzo dressed up as a spotted lanternfly and the swatter chasing after it

Participants at the October Philly Quizzo dressed up as a spotted lanternfly and the swatter chasing after it

Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

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Underappreciated trivia: Philadelphia is really good at costumes.

It’s not just kids who get dressed up. Anyone who’s been to one of the annual Halloween raves on the Delaware waterfront knows this, or you could deduce it from the display at the Mummers Parade each winter.


That creativity was on display at the October edition of Billy Penn Philly Quizzo. More than 50 people in 15 teams joined us at the streetery outside Hawthornes Beer Cafe in Bella Vista, and many were costumed, including cohosts Danya Henninger and Sakeenah Benjamin.


There was a spotted lanternfly (and swatter), a space shuttle, a murder bunny, a Magritte painting, a SEPTA Key, and many other impressive outfits, with a $50 gift card to Hawthornes awarded to the best.


The main goal was getting the most right answers on three rounds of trivia questions: Philly Past, Philly Future, Philly Present.


The grand prize was a year of free delivery and a “Philly bundle” of goods from The Rounds, our sponsor for the night, where a vampire was staffing the table. Anyone who signed up got three months free delivery (you can get that too, with code BILLYPENN).


Best team name went to Spookyll Expressway, who took home a four-pack of beer from Love City Brewing. Who got the high score? Two teams tied — 3 Planners No Plan, and Escape From Eastern State — and The Rounds stepped up to give prizes to both for their finally tally of 20/24.

Now it’s your turn. Without using Google, can you beat their high score?

To play, pick your answers in the “Past,” “Present” and “Future” sections below, then click “Submit” and scroll up to hit “View Score” and see how you did. (That’s where you’ll see the correct answers, too.)

If the form below doesn’t work for you, take the quiz here.

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