A closeup of the butterfly tree at the Philly Zoo's holiday light show

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Happy holiday season, Philadelphia. ‘Tis the time of year to answer that pressing question: What are you gonna buy, buy, buy? Wherever you spend that money, the gifts will make loved ones smile, but there’s a way your purchases can also help your community: Buy local!

Philly is flush with local artists, activists, makers, and merchants. There’s almost no reason to buy gifts from big corporations in a city with so many innovative individuals.

If you want to shop locally this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 Philly-made ideas, followed by a list of the other local gift guides we’ve come across this year.

Hoodie from Ya Fav Trashman

Former sanitation worker and Philly’s biggest anti-litter advocate — not to mention the 2021 Billies MVP — Terrill Haigler is selling some holiday wares. There’s the cozy hoodie, which will cost you $40, plus other clothes, mugs, and ornaments.

Poster full of Philly’s Italian slang

For $25, you can display the vernacular perhaps best described as “Philly Italian” on the walls of your home. Think gabagool, moozarel, stunod — and the list goes on. This poster from Philly lifestyle blog Positive Publicity is available in white and green.

Planters hand made in South Philly

Growing some lil’ green guys inside your rowhome is 99% guaranteed to cure your seasonal depression. First you’ll need some cool planters! Check out the selection at Growies — including this cute one that looks like a cloud for $50.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping t-shirt

You know you want one. Get a Four Seasons Total Landscaping t-shirt, hoodie, or hat this holiday season so the people you care about can forever remember the most unhinged time in modern political history. Prices for most of these goodies range from $15 to $50.

Fiber art to dress up your walls

Philly artist MacrameByMonday weaves together intricate displays out of earth-toned silk and cotton. For sale are wall hangings, plant hangers, ornaments and even keychains — ranging in price based on size, and all available on Etsy. Gift one of these to help a loved one turn their apartment into a boho oasis.

Gritty tote bag

A printmaker from the Philly ‘burbs, exit343design created an absolutely stunning rendition of our city’s most notorious mascot. Gritty can be seen here hugging City Hall and offering up a peace sign, printed onto a striking orange tote bag. Also, it’s only $16!

Termini Bros Centennial holiday ornament

Can you believe the Philly region has been enjoying the most divine cannoli known to humanity for 100 years? Termini Bros is a century old, and they’re selling a Centennial Holiday Ornament to celebrate. Grab one for just $15.

Stickers from the artist who created the ‘Crossing the Schuylkill’ drawing

With prices in the single digits, these are great if you’re on a budget. Bob Dix, self-described “Philly weirdo artist,” is the same guy who made the ‘Crossing the Schuylkill’ drawing following the I-676 flooding earlier this year — and he’s selling locally relevant stickers, pins and keychains this season.

Organic clothes for tiny Philadelphians

The Black-owned brand Kaba Baby is a great source of onesies, dresses, PJs, and other outfits for Philly kids. They’re all printed with 1000% adorable designs like trains, chalk boards, and tennis players. A little pricey at ~$40 a pop, but oh so cute.

Decadent, locally made candles

What better wintertime gift than something that’ll warm you up and make your house smell good? The wax over at Simply Hecgardo Candles is priced fairly — with most candles under $10 — and the flavors sound delicious. There’s Mediterranean fig, pinecones and amber, spruce fur, and so many more seasonal and standard options.

Alllll the other gift guides

Looking for more? Check out some of these other lists with local options. (Note: some are behind a paywall.)