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RECAP: Looking back on the week that was

• Local primary favors incumbents

Northwest Philadelphia’s Tarik Khan, a winning challenger who raised 10x as much as his opponent, was the exception in last Tuesday’s legislative primary. Otherwise, incumbents largely won nominations to rep Philly in Harrisburg, whether or not they had official party backing — leading to speculation over Bob Brady’s waning power at the Democratic City Committee. [NBC10/Billy Penn/Philly Mag$]

• Composting kicks off across the city

In planning since 2019, a pilot program to prove composting works in urban environments is up and running at 13 sites across Philadelphia. A few serve specific schools, but most are operating at community gardens — if you live near one and want to get involved, officials say to reach out to the garden directly. [Billy Penn]

• Hot weather whooshes in

After a relatively cool spring, Philly made a brief plunge into heat, as cooling centers opened across the city. Saturday’s high of 95 degrees tied the record for that date, set in 1934. Today’s weather might break the record for highest low temp in more than 150 years. Appropriately, we refreshed our map of ice cream shops — here’s where to find your cup or cone of cool. [CBS3/Inquirer$/Billy Penn]

• Italian Market Festival returns

The heat didn’t stop people from flocking to Philadelphia’s largest block party, the annual 9th Street Italian Market Festival. It continues today, so if you’re planning to go or just want to experience it vicariously, check our 10 top picks for food and drink. Also on offer? “Gabagool,” the new local beer paying homage to Italian-American culture. [Billy Penn/Billy Penn]

VISION: Looking forward to the week ahead

• Get ready for a recount

The race to see which Republican will face John Fetterman for Pa.’s U.S. Senate seat looks headed for a bruising legal fight. Ex-hedge fund CEO Dave McCormick trails heart surgeon-turned-TV celeb Mehmet Oz by fewer than 1,100 votes as counties tally their last mail ballots. Thursday is the deadline for the state to officially order a recount — with the result due June 8 — and both teams are hiring lawyers with experience in the 2020 election. [AP/@timelywriter/Politico]

• SEPTA lays out $1.1 billion investment plan

Modernizing trolleys, replacing subway cars, upgrading signage, and remaking the bus system are on SEPTA’s docket for the next decade. In virtual public hearings Monday, transit officials will lay out the details for what gets done this year, totaling a record-breaking $1.1 billion in capital improvements. Regional Rail is also getting an overhaul, and you can weigh in on priorities. [PDF/SEPTA/Billy Penn]

• New podcast: ‘March On: The Fight for Pride’

Philly Pride collapsed last summer amid accusations of racism and transphobia. A new podcast by BP’s Michaela Winberg dives deep into those allegations, exploring the personalities behind the historic movement…and the ones Pride has been leaving out. Listen to the trailer now, and search for “March On” wherever you get your pods; Episode 1 drops Thursday. [Billy Penn/WHYY]

• Why do we say ‘down the shore’?

Many Philadelphians will spend the coming Memorial Day holiday down the shore (here’s driving tips for the trip). Why do we use that term instead of “at the beach”? BP reporter Asha Prihar is investigating. If you have “down the shore” intel or commentary, get in touch as she examines the history and staying power of the phrase. [Billy Penn/email]