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With $100k loan, Kensington food co-op debates how to survive

On the verge of closing, the Kensington Community Food Co-op just got a $100k bridge loan, and effectively traded its parking lot for a liquor license.

  • Members are divided as the supermarket struggles to rebound, with some advocating for shutting down the free community fridge because of the atmosphere it attracts.

Said one member: “I don’t think we’re a charity.” Beatrice Forman and Lizzy McLellan Ravitch report on the brewing clash between the market’s mission and practices.

Philly just hired a night mayor. Consider him the czar of partying.

Philly’s new night time economy director has a mandate to increase support for businesses that operate after dark and services for people who work late.

  • Often called a “night mayor” in other cities, the position went to Raheem Manning, a 33-year-old entrepreneur who built a successful event planning biz and has been to 200 cities around the globe.

Any good night mayor should know where to party, so Lizzy McLellan Ravitch quizzed Manning on his fave spots for getting down and turning up.

RECAP: What else happened?

$ = paywalled


Mayor Kenney has no public appearances scheduled for today.


? Sip & Stitch lands at the Bourse for a beginner’s embroidery workshop. Tickets are $50 — hoop, needle, and spiked milkshake included. (1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, July 31)? South Philly Barbacoa is turning 10, and they’re celebrating with a big ‘ol block party complete with an art exhibit, DJ sets, and free food. (3 to 8 p.m. Sunday, July 31)

? East Kensington’s Forin Cafe hosts a y2k-themed party — think local designers selling turn-of-the-millennium themed wares, lots of early 2000 club hits, and fun cocktails. (4 to 7 p.m. Sunday, July 31).