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Newsflash: Your brain is important to your overall well-being. That’s obvious, but not everyone may realize that when it feels like your brain isn’t working right, doctors now have ways to diagnose and help treat the problem.

Many of us struggle with sub-optimal brain function for one or more reasons.

Concussions or traumatic head injuries are quite common, and even when they seem relatively minor, they can cause problematic long-term symptoms. More and more people complain of brain fog these days — possibly related to long COVID, prolonged stress, or other causes. Some just notice their brains simply aren’t working as sharply.

These issues can be overwhelming, but there’s good news. Exciting advances in neuroscience underscore that our brains are incredibly resilient and adaptable. And there are now advanced technologies that can much more accurately assess brain function.

The combination of these diagnostic tools and the science of neuroplasticity are now being leveraged in some of today’s modern treatments for enhancing brain function.

It turns out the human brain and its 85-120 billion neurons can repair damaged neural pathways, as well as build new ones. This happens throughout the course of our lifetimes! Even aging brains have the capacity to reorganize and rebuild neural connections.

The key is having an accurate, objective assessment of current brain function and an approach to neuroplasticity tailored to the measured deficits and unique issues a particular person is experiencing.

The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health – Jefferson Health has been on the leading edge of studying brain dysfunction, researching the best paths for restorative care, and creating programs of clinical excellence. This multidimensional work has culminated in the Marcus Institute’s Optimal Brain Program, which includes a diagnostic assessment and clinical treatment component focusing on enhancing brain resiliency and performance.

The Optimal Brain one-day assessment includes brain imaging protocols designed by world-renowned medical neuroscientist, Andrew Newberg, MD. Additional expertise may include evaluations designed by lead neurologist, Daniel Kremens, MD, an international leader in the field, as well as New York Times best-selling author on brain health, Sara Gottfried, MD.

The combined expertise of medical and rehabilitative health professionals at the Marcus Institute ensures that the Optimal Brain Health assessment and treatment programs will assess performance and provide scientifically informed options for the path forward.

To learn more about the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health’s Optimal Brain Health assessment and treatment program, visit

The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health was established in 2017 by Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health to expand the research, education, and clinical care profile of Jefferson’s integrative...