Credit: Kira Wang / Billy Penn

What if we microdosed an edible in front of the pretzel-eating raccoon mural on Webb Street?

Dubbed the “Mural Capital of the World,” Philadelphia is home to over 4,000 works of painted public art — and murals might just be one of the best things to look at while high.

Marijuana use has been decriminalized in Philly since 2014 (thanks, Councilmember Kenney) and the city’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened more than four years ago. And now, weed is fully legal just across the bridge in New Jersey.

So a stoney-baloney tour of the city’s best murals is totally legit. Find the right one and you can easily get lost in the swirling colors, changing contrasts, and seemingly infinite amount of space for details. Plus, the sheer size of some Philly’s murals will leave you astounded.

Much of the giant art is thanks to the world-renowned Mural Arts Philadelphia, which commissions dozens of new projects each year and works to restore existing pieces. It’s the nation’s largest public arts program, with a mission of transforming public spaces in every neighborhood into places of conversion and collaboration.

Other Philly murals are commissioned by homeowners and businesses. Some are historical, some are protest art, some are topical, and some are seasonal.

We mapped 11 of the trippiest murals in Philly for your viewing pleasure. Check out the map and descriptions below, then plan a lazy day of sightseeing in the city.

‘Parts Per Million’ by Benjamin Volta

2101 S Broad St, 19148

South Philly High School’s colorful exterior brings microscopic electrons and massive galaxies together in vibrant color to show how small actions can bring about impactful change.

‘Sanctuary’ by James Burns

S 13th St & Chancellor St, 19107

Designed to draw awareness to community health, Burns uses natural imagery and ecological visuals so you can get lost in the mural’s details.

Credit: Kira Wang / Billy Penn

Untitled by Jason Naylor

2434 E Gordon St, 19125

Bright colors, soft silhouettes, and a rainbow smiley face bring good vibes and visual interest.

Credit: Jayson Naylor

‘How to Turn Anything Into Something Else’ by multiple artists

207 N. Broad St, 19107

Hundreds of images created by art education students are incorporated into this whimsical mural, bringing viewers into a new artistic universe.

Credit: Kira Wang / Billy Penn

‘The Color of Your Voice’ by multiple artists

2417 Ridge Ave, 19121

This mural blurs the lines between visual art and the language arts, translating lines from poetry written by community members into a colorful Kente cloth. Mind blown.

‘Philadelphia Muses’ by Meg Saligman

S 13th St & Locust St, 19107

The dozen or so characters that make up this mural are the reason why it’s so fun to look at — from a bearded man with a flute to a woman holding the sun, it’s pretty easy to stare at this work for hours.

Credit: Kira Wang / Billy Penn

‘Sharktown Walls’ by multiple artists

155 Cecil B. Moore Ave, 19122

This work isn’t just a single mural — it’s a half-length block filled with art from over 20 artists. From a tiger stalking the world to an octopus with a skull as its head, this mural series has different options for all of your high viewing needs.

‘Waters of Change’ by Paul Santoleri

90 Green Ln, 19127

This mural was created to beautify Manayunk Towpath, incorporating paint, glass, and helix motifs to create art you can enjoy while smoking a spliff.

‘Electric Philadelphia’ by David Guinn and Drew Billiau

N 6th St & Callowhill St, 19123

Located under the Benjamin Franklin bridge, this 8,500-square-foot mural is more than just vibrant — it literally lights up the underpass at night.

Electric Philadelphia © 2020 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Drew Billiau & David Guinn, 6th and Vine Streets. Photo by Steve Weinik. Credit: Steve Weinik / Mural Arts

Untitled by Evan Lovett

2679-2601 E Sergeant St, 19125

The world’s happiest raccoon and a large Philly pretzel will stoke your munchies.

‘The Promise of Biotechnology’ by multiple artists

1108 Sansom St, 19107

This mural is more than just fun to look at — it’s also educational, showing the history and future of medicine through bright colors and swirling images.

Credit: Kira Wang / Billy Penn