Philadelphia's green skyline has some new additions (Courtesy Andy D'Angelo/@dangelofoto)

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The Eagles’ Super Bowl LVII appearance has blessed the city with the greenest Philly skyline ever. 

For the first time, Philadelphia’s two tallest buildings — the Comcast Center and Comcast Technology Center — have joined the tradition of lighting up in support of local sports teams, contributing to an emerald-studded horizon filled with hometown pride. 

Comcast flipped the switch on its original tower Wednesday, infusing the crown atop the 975-foot structure with a kelly green hue.

Previously, the translucent cube that caps the building could only fully shine white, something fans noticed during Philadelphia’s last Lombardi Trophy run. But 15 years after construction was completed, the lights were due for a replacement, according to Comcast Senior Vice President for Communications John Demming. The Birds postseason success just sped up the schedule.

“We were very excited to expedite this in time for the Super Bowl and light up the building’s crown in green in support of the Eagles,” Demming told Billy Penn.

The Comcast Center did previously have the ability to show a ring of color around the very top, as photographed and described in detail by the Philly Skyline blog in April 2008, when it shone red to cheer the Phillies in the World Series. 

Down the block, the newer and taller Comcast Technology Center had never played a part in the city’s semi-coordinated rainbow fashion show, until this week.

A verdant glow currently illuminates the lantern column running up the middle of the 1,120-foot tower’s west side. The colored lighting stretches from floors 6 to 60, Demming said, adding that the Four Seasons entrance and main lobby on the ground level are also wearing Eagles green.

The CTC’s viridian spine does not appear to have been accomplished as part of a formal revamp. 

According to images shared on reddit, it’s being achieved with a strip of colored LED lights placed along the floor of each story, at the end of the hallway that ends in the windows making up the middle column.

“Please do not disturb or move any of the items placed in this lantern lounge area,” reads a sign shown next to the strip, indicating that the whole thing is on a timer. 

It’s the kind of creative hack you might not expect to pass muster at a $275 billion corporation. Impressive what a Super Bowl can do. Go Birds.