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How well we perform in the workplace, in our relationships, and in other personally meaningful activities has a lot to do with our health.

Chronic fatigue and other conditions can lead to underperformance that affects many parts of our lives. Even prior to the pandemic, poor health across the workforce was creating a significant burden on employees and employers — to the tune of $575 billion a year. This problem has been significantly compounded by COVID-19, which, according to the CDC, has left nearly 16% of adults with lingering long-COVID symptoms. 

Overall, many people struggle with a diminished ability to function at their best because of a variety of health imbalances, often without even realizing they have them.

Identifying what contributes to achieving optimal wellness isn’t so easy. It requires taking a comprehensive and personalized approach that addresses the functional state of physiology, biochemical and hormonal balance, stress levels, and whether the right nutrient building blocks are present.

Assessing all the contributors to a person’s optimal health and wellness in an integrated way requires a team of expert clinicians whose sole focus is individualized well-being. 

Good news: This is the mission of The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health – Jefferson Health’s Executive Great Life program. It is designed as a full-day, head-to-toe, mind and body assessment that goes way beyond what’s typically available in most healthcare settings. 

In many cases, a typical doctor’s visit is designed to put out fires as efficiently as possible. While that service is undoubtedly needed, it does leave a gap in comprehensive wellness care. Enter the Marcus Institute’s Executive Great Life Program. Each patient gets comprehensive lab work, including hormone profiles, advanced lipid assessment, metabolic testing, Vitamin D levels, and more. They also receive full cardiovascular testing (including a stress test), the option of a total body MRI screen, and consults with leading experts in the field. 

Best news: All this is accomplished in one carefully scheduled day.

The assessment is referred to as the Executive Great Life Program because it follows the model of an in-depth, integrated, full day evaluation. While the program includes numerous corporate members — where employers provide it as a benefit to their executive team — many individuals also participate to obtain an accurate snapshot of their overall health status.

Developed by physicians and experts in the field of integrative medicine at Jefferson Health’s Marcus Institute, the Executive Great Life Program is just one of many services the institute (or department) offers. All programs use leading-edge technology and rigorous assessments to create personalized roadmaps to health that are attuned to the unique biology and performance goals of its participants. 

The Executive Great Life Program provides the most complete and accurate view of a patient’s current well-being — identifying immediate concerns, uncovering potential risks and giving guidance to achieving optimal health and wellness. Importantly, participants leave with a clear plan and path forward, with options for dietary planning, medical follow-ups and other wellness strategies.

During the program day, participants spend several one-on-one hours with Marcus Institute board-certified physicians and other licensed health providers who are experts in integrative and preventive medicine. A personal health concierge is available all day to answer questions, assist the team and offer support to participants.

The overall experience is a level of personalized care that many patients have described as “life-changing” and like nothing they’ve ever experienced. 

The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health Executive Great Life participants learn eye-opening, evidence-based ways to take control of their health, and achieve better performance and improved quality of life

Daniel Monti is founding director and chief executive officer of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health - Jefferson Health. He is professor and founding chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine...