Amtrak 188

PA Attorney general still pursuing criminal charges against Amtrak 188 engineer Brandon Bostian

The National Transportation Safety Board has ruled that Amtrak train 188 derailed in Philadelphia on May 12, 2015 because the engineer accelerated during a loss of situational awareness. The train was on its way from Washington, D.C. to New York City when it derailed at Frankford Junction, killing eight people and seriously injuring dozens more. Officials say the train was traveling at more than 100mph at the time of the crash. A $265 million settlement was announced in October 2016. Engineer Brandon Bostian was charged on May 12, 2017 — the two-year-anniversary. In September, a judge said there was not enough evidence that Bostian had committed a crime, but just before an October deadline, Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro appealed to pursue criminal charges.

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