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New governor Tom Wolf parties hard and fires people even harder, Philly teachers get their health care back but still face that impossible budget and the Gallery is closing for two to three years. Billy Penn has highlighted these stories and more with music, so you can remember the week in news (Spotify playlist at the bottom).

“Mean,” Taylor Swift

Tom Wolf took office on Tuesday and promptly fired/recalled more than 20 Corbett appointees, including some open records director who thought he was going to have his job for another six years. And the Republicans are already expressing outrage. It could be a snippy four years for Pennsylvania.

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“Outta Your Mind,” Lil’ Jon feat. LMFAO

Ken Trujillo made a real shocking move by withdrawing Wednesday from what appears to be an open mayor’s race ( and is now even more open). He did have a good reason: Trujillo’s representatives say he needs to take care of extended family in New Mexico.

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“You’re Not Good Enough,” Blood Orange

Gallery, it’s not that we don’t love you; it’s just that you’ve fallen back on the times the last decade or two and aren’t that great anymore. See you in three years.

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“What Goes Around Comes Back Around,” Justin Timberlake

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian recently said last week Atlantic City was at least not Detroit. And this week Chris Christie just hired Detroit’s former emergency manager to do the same job in Atlantic City. Be careful what you say about Detroit, Guardian.

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“Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds,” The Beatles

Some of the ideas proposed for the new LOVE Park are just….out there. And awesome. Shark fountain, ftw.

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“With or Without You,” U2

City Council says it’s going to enact a paid-sick-leave bill that would extend to about 200,000 Philadelphians, even if Mayor Michael Nutter doesn’t want to. In other words, City Council is going to act about the same as it did last year.


“Teach Me How to Dougie,” Cali Swag District

Actually, teach me how to McGinty. Wolf’s chief of staff doubles as chief of the dance floor.

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 “I Have A Dream,” Common feat. Will.I.Am

Philadelphia celebrated MLK Day with service and a protest that attracted thousands.

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“Laughed Until We Cried,” Jason Aldean

First, the good news: A state court ruled the SRC can’t just rip up the teachers’ union contract like it did in October, so the teachers get their health care deal back. Now the bad news: The school district is going to have to cut $54 million somewhere else.


“No Sleep,” Wiz Khalifa

How hard did Tom Wolf party at his inauguration celebration Tuesday night? Tom-Tom didn’t even show up to work ‘til 11 the next morning. Those Harrisburg nights!

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