Chip Kelly looks his age and Lynne Abraham… well: Philly faces in the How-Old Robot

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So there’s this new tool circulating across the Internet called Developed by Microsoft, this crazy website allows you to search for photos or upload your own. It then analyzes the face and guesses how old the person depicted is.

It was our civic duty to do this for Philadelphia’s local celebs. Here’s what it came up with:

Mayor Nutter

Actual age: 57

Eagles coach Chip Kelly

Actual age: 51

(So far, so good.)

New Philadelphia Eagle Tim Tebow 

Actual age: 27

That other Eagles QB Mark Sanchez

Actual age: 28

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro

Actual age: 50

6ABC anchor Jim Gardner

Actual age: 66

Philly Jesus

Actual age: 28

And now onto the politicians…

Mayoral candidate and former DA Lynne Abraham

Actual age: 74

Mayoral candidate and former Judge Nelson Diaz

Actual age: 68

Mayoral candidate and former councilman Jim Kenney

Actual age: 57

Mayoral candidate and former PGW executive Doug Oliver

Actual age: 40

Mayoral candidate T. Milton Street

Actual age: 74

Mayoral candidate and state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams

Actual age: 58

2nd district council candidate Ori Feibush

Actual age: 31

2nd district council incumbent Kenyatta Johnson

Actual age: 42

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