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Election Day is underway. Politicians are eating at Famous 4th Street Deli, people are showing up to vote, though not necessarily a lot of them, and candidates are posing for pictures by the polls. For one last taste of the Election before the results start coming in, Billy Penn presents the Election Day Playlist. Enjoy the storylines from the race, coupled with music (click here for the Spotify list).

“Under Control,” Calvin Harris 

Jim Kenney entered the race late. All the other candidates had at least talked about running (but not necessarily declared officially) before he started talking about it in late January. And all he’s done is gain endorsements from about every group possible — from black leaders to unions to women. If you follow the lone independent poll from this race, Kenney’s in great shape.

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“Novocaine For the Soul,” Eels 

If this election ends as the poll suggests with Kenney winning, Tony Williams could certainly use a little cheering up on his way back to Harrisburg. He’s gone from perceived front-runner to being perceived of employing political stunts by saying he would remove police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

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“Enjoy the Silence,” Depeche Mode

It was a quiet mayor’s race — though that doesn’t mean it was boring — because nobody commissioned a real poll until last week.

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“Friend is a Four Letter Word,” Cake

Running for mayor is hard, but it can also be really sad, too. Nelson Diaz, who is not expected to contend, knows all about this. His spokesperson recently told Newsworks, “He would have liked to have gone into the campaign with a better sense of who his friends are, rather than expecting folks he’d worked with over the years to be by his side because it was the right thing to do.” Awwww.

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“I’m Different,” 2 Chainz 

Milton Street, guys. Sure, he’s a convicted criminal and he might live in New Jersey, but somehow he got into this race yet again, lasted until the final day and has no regrets. Would anyone be surprised if he mounted another campaign in 2019? He only spent about $4,000 this time around, so he should have the money.

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“Kiss,” Prince

Speaking of money: You don’t have to be rich to be in the mayor’s race anymore. The six Democratic candidates combined spent just under $3.5 million, as of May 8. That number will go up when the final campaign finance reports are filed, but there’s no way it will come close to reaching the $24 million spent by the main five candidates in 2007.


“My Own Worst Enemy,” Lit

Because it’s Philadelphia, none of the Democrats’ miscues over the last two months will matter, but the Party and its candidates have done some seriously embarrassing things in the run-up to this election. The party chairman’s response: “It’s Philadelphia. It’s a blood sport.”

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“Why Can’t We Be Friends,” War

No other story in history will fit better for this song than that of Kenyatta Johnson and Ori Feibush. Their battle for the 2nd District Council seat has featured increased campaign contributions thanks to Feibush dropping $250,000 of his own cash, Johnson mailers with Feibush pictured in a hot tub and a debate where Johnson said he wouldn’t attend but Feibush held it anyway.


“It’s Gonna Be Me,” N’Sync

Doug Oliver probably won’t win this election. But if any candidate has a bright future ahead of him, it’s Oliver (just listen to Kenney, who is a big fan). Expect him to be in the political discussions around Philadelphia for years to come.

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“One Last Time,” Ariana Grande

Lynne Abraham won election after election as a district attorney. Can she pull off a final surprise? If not, it’s probably the end of her political career.

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