Election hangover, results edition: How each #PHL2015 candidate did in their home neighborhood

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Anthony Williams’ popularity in West Philly was no match for Jim Kenney’s landslide win in the Democratic primary for mayor Tuesday night, but there’s still good news for the state Senator: He won his neighborhood.

For more on where each of the candidates are from and what their home neighborhoods are like, check out our Philly Neighborhood Index: Mayoral candidate edition. Here’s how each candidate did in his or her home ward:

Lynne Abraham

Overall percentage of the vote: 8.39 percent

Home neighborhood: Society Hill (5th ward)

Percentage of the vote in home ward: 15.09 percent

How her ward voted:

Anthony Williams: 466 votes, 8.66 percent

Milton Street: 27 votes, 0.50 percent

Jim Kenney: 3,665 votes, 68.11 percent

Doug Oliver: 211 votes, 3.92 percent

Nelson Diaz: 197 votes, 3.66 percent

Lynne Abraham: 812 votes, 15.09 percent

Nelson Diaz

Overall percentage of the vote: 3.71 percent

Home neighborhood: Chestnut Hill (9th ward)

Percentage of the vote in home ward: 4.6 percent

How his ward voted:

Anthony Williams: 414 votes, 10.02 percent

Milton Street: 13 votes, 0.31 percent

Jim Kenney: 2,894 votes, 70.02 percent

Doug Oliver: 189 votes, 4.57 percent

Nelson Diaz: 190 votes, 4.6 percent

Lynne Abraham: 432 votes, 10.45 percent

Jim Kenney

Overall percentage of the vote: 55.79 percent

Home neighborhood: East Passyunk (39th ward)

Percentage of the vote in home ward: 86.91 percent

How his ward voted:

Anthony Williams: 319 votes, 4.19 percent

Milton Street: 27 votes, 0.35 percent

Jim Kenney: 6,622 votes, 86.91 percent

Doug Oliver: 122 votes, 1.6 percent

Nelson Diaz: 84 votes, 1.1 percent

Lynne Abraham: 444, 5.83 percent

Doug Oliver

Overall percentage of the vote: 4.25 percent

Home neighborhood: East Oak Lane (49th ward)

Percentage of the vote in home ward: 6.74 percent

How his ward voted:

Anthony Williams: 1,763 votes, 41.68 percent

Milton Street: 93 votes, 2.2 percent

Jim Kenney: 1,712 votes, 40.47 percent

Doug Oliver: 285 votes, 6.74 percent

Nelson Diaz: 161 votes, 3.81 percent

Lynne Abraham: 216 votes, 5.11 percent

Milton Street

Overall percentage of the vote: 1.69 percent

Home neighborhood: Mayfair (62nd ward)

Percentage of the vote in home ward: 1.53 percent

How his ward voted:

Anthony Williams: 517 votes, 20.75 percent

Milton Street: 38 votes, 1.53 percent

Jim Kenney: 1,417 votes, 56.88 percent

Doug Oliver: 98 votes, 3.93 percent

Nelson Diaz: 154 votes, 6.18 percent

Lynne Abraham: 267 votes, 10.72 percent

Anthony Williams

Overall percentage of the vote: 26.15 percent

Home neighborhood: Cobbs Creek (3rd ward)

Percentage of the vote in home ward: 59.32 percent

How his ward voted:

Anthony Williams: 2,367 votes, 59.32 percent

Milton Street: 63 votes, 1.58 percent

Jim Kenney: 1,240 votes, 31.08 percent

Doug Oliver: 146 votes, 3.66 percent

Nelson Diaz: 46 votes, 1.15 percent

Lynne Abraham: 128 votes, 3.21 percent

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