The world’s largest transgender health conference takes place this week in Philadelphia, days after Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair.

With more than 200 workshops and sessions with titles ranging from “Safe Schools for Trans Students,” to “Polyamory and trans communities in the Ukraine,” and “DIY: Creative Masturbation Tools for Transmasculine Individuals,” here’s a brief overview of what to expect from this conference and who it’s intended to help.

WHAT: 14th annual Trans Health Conference ( A three-day free conference, open to anyone. Speakers and workshops will discuss issues facing transgender people.

WHERE: Mazzoni Center, 21 S 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

WHEN: June 4th-6th. Opening reception begins at 8:45 am.

The Trans Health Conference, which began in 2002 as a one-day grassroots meeting in a Quaker Meeting House, has grown up. This year organizers are expecting over 4,000 attendees, a record high.

The issues to be discussed range from discussion of spirituality and aging to how to effectively navigate the Affordable Care Act as a transperson. You can view the full schedule here.

There is also a “professional track” (which is not free) for healthcare professionals to learn how to better care for trans identified patients. Learn more here.