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A drone fell from the sky on Sunday at a Phillies game. Political candidate Ori Feibush says his bank account has fallen to new levels of low. And a PAC is hoping U.S. Congressman Chaka Fattah will have finally fallen out of favor. Billy Penn recaps these stories and more, paired with music, in the #BillyPennPlaylist (Spotify playlist is at the bottom).

“Rocket Man,” Elton John

A guy outside Citizens Bank Park flew a drone Sunday near the entrance to the stadium. The law says you can’t fly a drone by a stadium with a capacity of 30,000 (if the rule were 30,000 people, he probably wouldn’t be in trouble because Phillies). The FAA is investigating and could fine him.

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“All Falls Down,” Kanye West

Ori Feibush claims to be in a bad spot after losing the 2nd District Council race to Kenyatta Johnson. He says he’s out of money, in debt and not going to be able to do any developing any time soon.

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“She Talks to Angels,” The Black Crowes

The Philly VA Regional Office has been in trouble after an inspector general’s report. Then things just started getting weird. This week, suspensions were announced for two of office’s main leaders for their involvement in a psychic movement known as angel whispering.

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“Hey Man, Nice Shot,” Filter

Philly Jesus, everyone’s favorite LOVE Park character, has decided that he wants $70,000 to do, as Philebrity put it, “whatever it is exactly that he does.” He started a GoFundMe this week seeking the $70K. Good luck!

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“I Want Crazy,” Hunter Hayes

If you’re looking for an outside-the-box mayoral candidate this fall, look no further than Rhashea Lynn Harmon. She got in trouble for allegedly returning to an apartment she was evicted from and had to go to court. It turned into a saga, with Harmon and her friends claiming the government had no right to charge them as they are “Aboriginal Indigenous Moorish Americans.” Harmon, a lawyer, had originally planned to run as a Republican for mayor then said she might run as an independent. So her name could be on the ballot this fall.

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“Anything Could Happen,” Ellie Goulding

The other GoFundMe-esque news item of the week: CrowdPAC has started a site that aims to get someone to actually challenge U.S. Congressman Chaka Fattah. People can donate money to prospective candidates. Among the people getting some early love: D.A. Seth Williams and former mayoral candidate Doug Oliver.

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“Mediocre Bad Guys,” Jack Johnson

Harrisburg is debating taxes and education, very important things and Philly Mag pointed out we might be screwed due to a “C-Team” our city will be trotting out. To top off the fact that Philly has a bunch of Democrats in a Republican-controlled legislature, many of the city’s Democrats are young, are feuding with each other or are facing corruption charges.

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“Pump Up The Jam,” Technotronic

Bart Blatstein thinks he has a way to save Atlantic City: Jose Garces and getting people to pregame at a really expensive bar!

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