With the help of PECO and iHeartRadio, we turned the Dilworth Park lawn into a beach party for 200 people at lunch Tuesday.

Thanks to every one who played with the Billy Penn frisbees, danced it out and waited in line for some free Capogiro gelato. Congrats to winners of PECO’s Coolest Summer Ever sweepstakes, who walked away with tickets to local amusement parks like Six Flags, and a chance to meet Nate Ruess of the band Fun.

Nothing says “gelato” like 90-degree heat. Photo/Bobby Chen for Billy Penn

Miss us this time around? It was a pop-up party, so maybe you did. The good news is we still have tons of frisbees to give away, and we’re not letting our giant beach ball go to waste.

Keep an eye on our meetup group for more events. We’ll leave with this .gif of two Dilworth Park regulars jamming at the party:

Shannon Wink was editor of Billy Penn from August 2017 to January 2018.