It’s summertime, so why not take a Roman holiday? That’s what Mayor Michael Nutter did. And while he was gone, his city fell apart. Not really, but there was a giant storm on Tuesday. We recap these stories and more and pair them with music, so you can enjoy the week in Philadelphia with the #BillyPennPlaylist.

“Blame It On the Alcohol,” Jamie Foxx

Not surprisingly, Pennsylvania’s Democrat and Republican lawmakers haven’t agreed on a budget yet. A little surprising perhaps? One of the major reasons for the gridlock is booze.

“Put the Gun Down,” ZZ Ward

The law passed late in former Gov. Tom Corbett’s tenure that allowed gun-rights groups to sue city’s over their gun control ordinances? It was struck down by the Commonwealth Court Thursday.

“Talk Is Cheap,” Chet Faker

The Catholic Church pulled a Catholic Church when it said homosexuals could come to see the Pope when he’s in Philly as long as they didn’t lobby for any better acceptance from the Church.

“Mess Is Mine,” Vance Joy

The latest news in the soap-operatic tenure of Attorney General Kathleen Kane came this week when she fired a top aide. This aide, George Moore, said he had previously recommended Kane fire her newly-appointed chief of staff, who had been accused of sexual harassment. It just never stops.

“It Is What It Is,” Blood Orange

Will Pizzeria Beddia ever be the same? This small Fishtown restaurant with eccentric owners that doesn’t even have a telephone just got named the top pizza joint in the country by Bon Appetit.

“Quiet Storm,” Mobb Deep

A quick but powerful storm hit Philly on Tuesday night. Power went out, tree limbs fell and winds reached 72 mph, the fourth-strongest ever recorded. The sky looked brilliant afterward.

Control yourself; take only what you need from it. #cnnireport @cnnireport

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“Rome,” Phoenix

Mayor Michael Nutter and other city officials visited Rome and Vatican City this week to finalize some plans for the Pope’s visit. And while he was there, he and Pope Francis had a little moment when Francis flashed him a “three” sign, meaning only three months until his visit to Philly.

In Rome, @Pontifex greets @Michael_Nutter and reminds @WMF2015 Delegation, “Don’t forget. 3 months.” #PopeInPhilly

— Meg Kane (@margaretkane) June 24, 2015

“You and I,” Lady Gaga 

Chip Kelly’s “got a whole lot of money” but still paying rent. Lots of rent. And he also owes nearly $100,000 from a lease dispute over his Old City penthouse that cost $11,000 a month.

“Red Lights,” Tiesto

Possibly pretty soon, we’re going to be able to run red lights, if we’ve waited long enough. A bill was approved by the Pa. House Transportation Committee that would let drivers run through red lights after an as-yet-to-be-determined wait time.

“Lightning Bolt,” Pearl Jam

Poor Billy Penn. The statue atop City Hall got struck by a nasty bolt of lightning during Tuesday’s storm.

I caught Billy Penn snoozing before he got zapped. Check it out!

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