LeSean McCoy is having a (females only) party in Philly, and women must send a picture to get approved

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Former Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has some stringent requirements for his private parties.

At least, that’s the case for an upcoming “females only” private event he’s hosting at a secret location in Philly this weekend. The one-time Eagle who was traded to the Buffalo Bills last year posted an Instagram Thursday afternoon advertising a private event he’s hosting here. The Instagram has since been deleted.

Here’s what it looked like:

An ad for LeSean McCoy's very classy party.


A tweet advertising the party was sent (and subsequently deleted) from McCoy’s verified Twitter account:



ESPN’s Mike Rodak reports that McCoy’s new team isn’t exactly thrilled about his use of their logo to advertise the party:

I sent an email to shadymccoyprivateevent@gmail.com inquiring about the party, and I received two responses. The first was an auto response that read:

“Thank Your for Your RSVP to LeSean Mccoy’s Private Extravaganza Taking place on Sunday Evening July 26th 2015! Below are the Following Requirements to Be Confirmed for the Event.

1. Please Submit Full name (As seen on ID) 21+ is a MUST *ID’s Will be CHECKED for Admission

2. Please Submit 1 Picture AND Provide Social Media information I.E. Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

3. Upon Entry Patrons will be asked for ID’s and to Sign Confidentiality agreement.

4. There are NO PLUS 1’s Everyone MUST individually RSVP to event

5. Upon confirmation Email you will receive Pick up/ Drop off Location and Attire.”

And the second was a response asking me to fulfill the requirements of the first email. It read:

“Hi Anna,

Please have each guest you may be traveling with RSVP individually by sharing this email address.  In addition please fulfill the outlined requirements in our auto-response email which you should have received.  FYI this event is located in Philadelphia/New Jersey.”

We’ll update if there are further correspondences from McCoy’s team.

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