Community College of Philadelphia aftermath: How often do Philly police get called about someone with a gun?

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It was one call about a gun on campus that sent the Community College of Philadelphia and a large contingent of the city into frenzy on Tuesday.

Days after the FBI warned that someone had posted on the website 4chan that an act of violence would be committed at a Philadelphia-area college, CCP was on lockdown after a reports of a “gunman” on campus.

A gun was allegedly flashed during an argument between two men who knew each other. No gun was found, so no charges will be filed. Other than the massive response that drew police, Homeland Security and a small horde of reporters to the campus Tuesday morning, this happens a lot. It’s one of thousands of similar calls that Philadelphia Police field on a monthly basis, according to data provided to Billy Penn.

Year-to-date, Philadelphia Police have fielded 39,612 weapons calls — more than 100 a day — whether it’s a sighting of a person with a gun or a weapon or a call from someone stating they heard a gunshot. Here’s how they break down:

Billy Penn

And according to police, of those 39,612 calls, only about 3.5 percent were considered “CompStat shooting incidents,” meaning a victim was shot or police could confirm that shots were indeed fired.

Billy Penn

Meanwhile, 211 people have died in Philadelphia year-to-date as a result of homicide, a figure that puts the city on track to record more homicides this year than in 2013 and 2014. Still, the number represents a 32 percent decrease in homicide victims compared to the same time period in 2007.

In addition, police fielded more than 1,800 reports of aggravated assault with a gun, or about five a day, according to year-to-date data posted on Open Data Philly. Philadelphia Police have also fielded upwards of 2,000 reports of a robbery with a gun taking place.

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