Phillies emoji! They’re not in the playoffs, but at least they’ll make your phone fun


So the Phillies didn’t make the playoffs. So they maybe had one of the worst records in Major League baseball this year. Big deal. You can wallow in self-pity with these awesome Phillies emoji until next year. released a new “clubhouse” app that has access to stickers (basically emoji) and GIFs of every team in the MLB. We took the liberty of perusing through the Phillies page for you, which for now just has six emoji and a few nice GIFs to choose from.

There’s an emoji of center fielder Odubel Herrera:


There’s also pitcher Ken Giles:


And then there’s a cartoony rendering of third baseman Maikel Franco:


They also have Philly-themed emoji like the Phanatic, a cheesesteak (of course) and some Rocky-style boxing gloves:


Once you download the free app, you are able to save the emoji and paste them into messages, but they do end up looking more like stickers than emoji. They’ve also uploaded a few GIFs for your viewing pleasure, like this one:


Or maybe this one:

Attachment-1 copy


Billy Penn created our own Philly sports emoji, from the Phanatic to Chip Kelly, back in April. Check them out here.