Philly shines for Paris: 6 city landmarks show solidarity

The city’s love for Paris came through bright and clear at these six landmarks.


On Friday, Nov. 13, a series of coordinated attacks turned Paris into a terror zone, as suicide bombers and gunmen left at least 129 people dead. The globe watched the massacre unfold via social media, with hostages’ pleas for help and laments for loved ones echoing across the internet. Throughout the weekend, cities around the world showed solidarity by lighting up their skylines with the French colors. Philadelphia’s love for Paris came through bright and clear at these six city landmarks.

The Lit Brothers Building was swathed in columns of blue, white and red.

The Cira Centre’s facade showed the French colors and an outline of the Eiffel Tower-enhanced peace sign


On the Schuylkill, Boathouse Row’s outline glimmered in France’s colors.

Hundreds attended a Love Park vigil organized by the French Consulate.

Sending love to Paris from Philadelphia

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New “Paris” artwork appeared on the walls of Graffiti Pier.

The iconic skyline was also shining in solidarity.