Twitter Power List, Kenney Administration Edition: 6 City Hall accounts to follow

Kenney’s account has gotten less exciting since he started running for mayor, but these accounts could prove to be exceptions.

Kenney City Hall (1)

Government Twitter accounts can be boring. People in government rarely tweet anything outside what they want to promote as an agenda and . In city politics, will that be any different in the Jim Kenney administration?Well, Kenney’s account has gotten less exciting since he started running for mayor… but there could be a few exceptions to the rule. Here are five new Kenney appointees with active Twitter accounts, along with one new City Council person worth following:

Nina Ahmad (@NinaAhmad405)

  • Position: Deputy Mayor of Public Engagement
  • Job duties: Basically managing a variety of commissions and offices that work on issues affecting the public.
  • Previous work: She’s on Barack Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and is the leader of the Philly branch of the National Organization for Women.  
  • Why he/she is worth a follow: If she’s the deputy mayor of public engagement, she should definitely be engaging the public on social media.

Anne Gemmell (@AGem191)

  • Position: Philadelphia’s Pre-K director
  • Job duties: Expanding Philly’s Pre-K program
  • Previous work: Co-founder of Education Voters PA
  • Why he/she is worth a follow: Gemmell tweets about education advocacy, her own three kids and plenty of random stuff, like music and news stories. She’s one of the only a few Kenney appointees who really tweets a lot.

Helen Gym (@HelenGym2015)

  • Position: At-large City Councilwoman
  • Job duties: Introducing and voting on legislation
  • Previous work: Teacher and co-founder of Parents United
  • Why he/she is worth a follow: Gym has been tweeting since before any staffer would have ordered her to do so. She shares a lot of education news and, perhaps surprisingly, UFC analysis.

Otis Hackney (@odhackney3)

  • Position: Chief Education Officer
  • Job duties: Overseeing education policy, which Kenney wants to focus on community schools
  • Previous work: South Philadelphia High School principal
  • Why he/she is worth a follow: With Philadelphia in an education crisis, Hackney will be one of the main people in the administration to keep tabs on.

Sheila Hess (@SheilaShowPHL)

  • Position: City representative
  • Job duties: Presenting Philly as a world-class city and developing tourism and commerce
  • Previous work: Director of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation
  • Why he/she is worth a follow: Has really started tweeting a lot since Kenney got elected, mostly about things Kenney is doing.   

Jane Slusser (@janeslusser)

  • Position: Chief of Staff
  • Job duties: Keeps everything in order between the mayor and the many others working for him
  • Previous work: Campaign manager for Kenney, regional field director of Organizing for America and deputy field organizer for Obama for America 2008.
  • Why he/she is worth a follow: She tweets and retweets an array of news from Kenney and others in city and state government and is a rising political star herself.

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