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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio: Where Philly’s giving money for 2016

It’s no surprise that Clinton dominates, but Sanders’ support is growing fast, FEC filings show.

Rubio Sanders
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Philadelphia is still a Hillary city.

The latest campaign finance reports were released by the FEC last week, and, combined with quarterly reports from July and October, we can see who Philadelphia is digging on the Democratic and (less so, obviously) Republican sides. And while the city is definitely feeling the Bern more than it was six months ago, Hillary remains far ahead in terms of monetary support from individuals living in Philadelphia.

Here’s a breakdown of how the remaining candidates rank and which ones have been gaining the most momentum. Oh, and Trump. It seems Philadelphia isn’t too fond of him.

The ranking

With supporters like Ed Rendell and Jim Kenney, it’s no surprise Clinton is considered a favorite in Philadelphia. The amount of contributions given to her further reflect that belief. For Republicans, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are the only ones picking up any significant donations. Nobody else is even close.

  1. Hillary Clinton: $458,309
  2. Bernie Sanders: $71,314
  3. Marco Rubio: $60,682
  4. Jeb Bush: $38,585
  5. Chris Christie: $13,400
  6. Ben Carson: $11,985
  7. Ted Cruz: $10,913
  8. Carly Fiorina: $9,576
  9. John Kasich: $3,161
  10. Donald Trump: $966

The hottest candidates in Philly

Hillary is winning the funding game by a long shot, but her financial momentum here is actually trending downward. Her contributions from Philly have gone from $269,000 for the three months preceding the July quarterly report to $83,000 for October to $104,000 for December.

Rubio and Sanders have seen their financial support trend upwards big-time. Philadelphians had given Sanders just over $1,000 by the time of the July report. It rose to nearly $28,000 by the next quarterly report and then $42,000 by the one after that. Rubio’s experienced a similar gain, going from about $3,000 to $8,000 to $49,000.

Their gains pace everyone else (Trump, Kasich and Christie are not included for this metric because their July quarterly filings weren’t available from the FEC).


Citywide support

The FEC breaks down financial contributions to a candidate by zip code. Some of the candidates have been getting contributions from dozens of different zip codes in Philadelphia. Others less so. Here’s how each candidate ranks by number of Philly zip codes in which they had contributors in their latest campaign filing.

  1. Clinton: 33
  2. Sanders: 32
  3. Cruz: 16
  4. Rubio: 14
  5. Carson: 14
  6. Jeb: 6
  7. Fiorina: 3
  8. Christie: 2
  9. Kasich: 1
  10. Trump: 1

The Donald Trump Heat Map

Here’s how Trump’s support in the City of Brotherly Love looks in map form. Apparently just one speck of the Northeast has caught Trump mania.

Trump heat map

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