Now that Michael Nutter is a former Mayor he has become an official talking head on CNN. Credit: Screenshot CNN

Last month, several of the city’s most visible people found themselves without a job after Michael Nutter’s eight-year mayoral tenure ended. Some, like former managing director Rich Negrin and former director of black male engagement Erica Atwood, had planned in advance and even left the administration a few weeks early. Others had to scramble.

Nearly two months after the end of the Nutter administration, its employees have flocked to jobs in higher education, law consulting and politics. Atwood has started her own company. And then there’s Nutter himself. He already has three new jobs.

These are the positions where several of the major players from the Nutter administration have moved on.

The major leaders

Michael Nutter

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter addresses reporters in Philadelphia the day after a severed pig's head was found at Germantown mosque.
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter addresses reporters in Philadelphia the day after a severed pig’s head was found at Germantown mosque. Credit: Screenshot

Nutter seems to be meeting his predecessors Ed Rendell and John Street halfway. Like Street, he’s now a college professor. Like Rendell, he wants to stay in the public eye.

  • Professor of Urban Policy, Columbia University: Columbia is also where Nutter’s daughter Olivia attends.
  • CNN Commentator: Nutter has already been on to discuss the presidential elections and notably criticized Bernie Sanders.
  • Advisor to the Homeland Security Council: This appointment raised a few eyebrows because it came weeks after he reversed Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status, a move that no doubt pleased the Department of Homeland Security.

Charles Ramsey

Ramsey C

Even more than Nutter, Philly’s former police commissioner has proven to be the most in-demand member of the former administration.

  • Senior advisor to the Chicago Police Department: Ramsey will focus on civil rights issues for his hometown’s department, which has been under fire after the Laquan McDonald shooting.
  • Consultant to Wilmington Police Department: This gig, focusing on community policing, pays Ramsey $112,000 for seven months of work.
  • Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation: Ramsey is the first person Drexel has appointed to this gig and in it he will help develop a new master’s program in urban strategy. 

Nutter’s closest appointees

Rich Negrin, former managing director

Rich Negrin
Credit: Twitter/@RichNegrin
  • Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel: Negrin is now a partner at this politically-involved law firm.  

Desiree Peterkin-Bell, former City Representative

  • DNC Committee: Peterkin-Bell announced she will consult the Democratic National Convention Committee as they prepare for July’s event.
  • Governor’s Commission on African-American Affairs: Governor Tom Wolf established this commission last year. Peterkin-Bell tweeted that she was named to it earlier this morning.

Everett Gillison, former chief of staff

Everett Gillison
Credit: Facebook
  • Gillison, a longtime attorney before the Nutter administration, has not announced any new positions.

The best of the rest

Erica Atwood

  • Nutter staff position: Director of black male engagement  
  • New position: CEO/founder of First Degree Consulting and consultant to Cities United

Luke Butler

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.59.26 AM
  • Nutter staff position: Chief of Staff to Deputy Mayor for Economic Development
  • New position: Manager of Strategy and Operations for Curalate  

Adel Ebeid

Adel Ebeid
Credit: LinkedIn/Adel Ebeid
  • Nutter staff position: Chief Innovation Officer
  • New position: President, innovation and technology at Green Diamond Solutions  

Story Bellows

Story Bellows
Credit: LinkedIn/Story Bellows
  • Nutter staff position: Director, Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics  
  • New position: Chief Innovation and Performance Officer, Brooklyn Public Library  

Katherine Gajewski

Katherine Gajewski
Credit: Twitter/@KlGajewski
  • Nutter staff position: Director, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability  
  • New position: City Scale (a urban sustainability initiative)  

Alan Greenberger

Alan Greenberger-pr
Credit: Drexel
  • Nutter staff position: Deputy mayor for economic development and commerce
  • New position: Drexel professor in Department of Architecture & Interiors and visiting fellow in Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation  

Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez
Credit: LinkedIn/Jennifer Rodriguez
  • Nutter staff position: Executive Director, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs
  • New position: CEO and president of Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Lori Shorr

Lori Shorr
Credit: Twitter/@LoriShorr
  • Nutter staff position: Chief Education Officer
  • New position: Temple professor in the College of Education

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