Eagles are taking a QB in the NFL Draft, but who and when is anyone’s guess

Doug Pederson told reporters he likes Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, and thinks Paxton Lynch is close, but clearly not worth the eighth pick in the draft. So who is?

Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman hosted an informal chat with media on Monday

Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman hosted an informal chat with media on Monday

Martin Frank/Twitter

Howie Rosemand and Doug Pederson had a press conference of sorts on Monday morning to discuss the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft. Lots of Eagles beat writers and other Philly media were there, recapping the living heck out of everything they said.

Let’s play count the recording devices!

By my count that’s 17 different devices, plus a monstrous set of a headphones and one leaning Roob.

There were, however, a few important pullouts from the conversation — what with the NFL Draft less than two weeks away — most notably that Pederson and Roseman were clear they moved up to No. 8 for a reason, though they failed to disclose that reason. See.

The Eagles are very high on Ezekiel Elliott, the star running back from Ohio State, but Pederson is a former quarterback, and the team is making it clear they are in the market for a quarterback this year.

The question is, which quarterback?

Based on his comments, Pederson seems higher on Carson Wentz than he does Jared Goff. That said, he also said he doesn’t see much difference in terms of ability between the two. See.

Wait. What about Paxton Lynch? Is he an option at quarterback?

So Lynch might be an option at No. 8 if Wentz and Goff are off the board?

So no, then?

Are there any other options at quarterback for the Eagles?

When asked by Jeff McLane who will make the ultimate call on the big board before the draft, Roseman said that it will be a “collaborative” process. In other words, he’s not telling.

The duo talked about Fletcher Cox as well, and Pederson was clear that Cox missing voluntary minicamp isn’t that big a deal, and that the on-going contract issues will not lead to a trade.

But there was more! So much more. Like Darren Sproles not being at minicamp. But don’t freak out, media. He’s got a family issue.


Anything else important of note in that press conference, guys?

Come on guys. Seriously, anything of note that would matter to the fans?

Okay, that’s a no. How about anything from Roseman that will give some deep insight into the team-building philosophy of the Eagles braintrust? You know, that in-depth, hard hitting, look into what the Eagles may do with the eighth pick, and all their draft selections this season.

Please, NFL Draft…come quickly. The dozens of recording devices can’t take this much longer.

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