Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton handily won the Pennsylvania primary last night and grabbed almost two thirds of the Democratic votes in Philadelphia, but some neighborhoods were still Feelin’ the Bern — and others cast thousands of votes for Donald Trump.

While the results are still technically “unofficial,” 98 percent of precincts in Philadelphia have been reported, so we mapped out how each political ward voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (John Kasich and Ted Cruz won 21 and 18 percent of the GOP vote, respectively, making them largely irrelevant for this exercise). Click on the area where you live to see what percentage of voters cast a ballot for each candidate and the number of voters in that ward who did so.

Donald Trump

Most voters in Philadelphia are registered Democrats, to the tune of an 8 to 1 Republican-to-Democrat ratio. As a consequence, few wards in Philadelphia cast more than 1,000 votes for Donald Trump. In the 11th ward in North Philadelphia, just five people voted for Trump. Meanwhile, The Donald found most of his Philadelphia support in the Northeast, the River Wards and South Philadelphia.

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Trump performed best percentage-wise in the 26th ward in South Philly where he took three quarters of the Republican vote. He also grabbed more than 70 percent of the Republican vote in the 39th and 45th wards, located in South Philly and the River Wards, respectively. In the Far Northeast in the 66th ward, nearly 3,200 people voted for Trump — the highest number of voters of any neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton

Of the 66 political wards in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton won 59. She performed best in North and West Philadelphia, winning a whopping 81 percent of the Democratic vote in the 7th ward in North Philly. Even the neighborhoods below that are in lighter shades were almost all majority Clinton, as she cleaned up in Philly and beat Sanders in nearly every neighborhood.

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Clinton won the most votes (by number, not percentage), in the 34th ward in the Overbrook area of West Philadelphia where more than 7,400 people cast a vote for the former Secretary of State.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders did manage to win a few neighborhoods in Philadelphia, and his three best wards were the 31st, the 18th and the 27th, AKA Fishtown/ Port Richmond, Fishtown and University City, respectively. Surprise, surprise. Those wards also happen to have some of the highest numbers of young people citywide.

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The only other wards where Sanders garnered more than 50 percent of the vote were the 1st (Pennsport), the 26th (South Philly), the 39th (South Philly) and the 21st (Manayunk/ Roxborough).

Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.