This is real. And it’s spectacular.

Public Policy Polling, described by Politico recently as a “Democratic robopolling firm“, released their latest Presidential Poll on Wednesday, and per the PPP — note: we did not make this up — Donald Trump is the least popular candidate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Forget Hillary or Bernie. There’s a local candidate that can take Trump down:

Pennsylvania makes another state where Trump is the least popular of the Presidential candidates. Only 34% of voters see him favorably to 59% with a negative opinion. But what might be the worst for Trump is we asked who people think is more qualified to be President- him or the Phillie Phanatic- and the Phanatic won out 46/40.

Yes, people in Pennsylvania find the big, lovable mascot of the Phillies to be more qualified to run our nation than the big orange cone from New York.

Interestingly, Trump has touted PPP’s polling as recently as one month ago:

Perhaps better than the 46 percent of those polled who find the Phanatic more qualified than Trump are the 14 percent — FOURTEEN PERCENT — who “aren’t sure.”

Of all things on which to have an opinion, how is this not the one? How is this not the only one?

Billy Penn reached out to Phillies representatives for comment from the Phanatic, but at the time of this post have not heard back. To be fair, the Phillies had a day game on Wednesday, so the Phanatic is busy either kissing random women, sticking his tongue out at people or lifting his shirt and showing his behind to opponents he does not like.

In fairness…that could also be Trump.

In the poll, 24 percent of those who identify as “somewhat conservative” and 49 percent of moderates chose the Phanatic over Trump. Unsurprisingly, 53 percent of women picked the Phanatic, while 39 percent of men favored him over Trump.

Under race, 43 percent of white voters polled leaned Phanatic to 45 percent for Trump, while 64 percent of African Americans went with the Phanatic to just 10 percent for Trump. Of the “other” category, 46 percent went with the Phanatic over 40 percent for Trump. That’s a bit low, given the Phanatic’s “other” status, to be honest.

With Trump and Clinton locking up the major party nominations, the Phanatic would now have to be registered to run as a third-party candidate. The obvious choice for the Phanatic would be the Green Party, but that nomination has already been given to Jill Stein.

Billy Penn has an email in to Stein’s campaign to see if there would be any interest in the Phanatic as her running mate. We received a reply thanking us for getting in touch, and thanking us for supporting Jill Stein (with an exclamation point), but that read a bit like a form letter. We will update this post with any official reply from Green Party representatives.

The big issue, of course, is the Phanatic’s legal viability for the office of POTUS. While his birthdate is unknown, he first appeared in Philadelphia in April 1978, making him well beyond the 35-year old threshold to run for office.

There is, however, the pesky issue of his birthplace, which is documented as the Galapagos Islands. That said, an original birth certificate for the Phanatic is not on file, so he really could be from anywhere.

Hey, Trump could already have people working on finding the Phanatic’s birth certificate. If the Phanatic can prove he was born in the United States then moved to the islands off Ecuador, which is a real possibility…then he has pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics.

Voters in Pennsylvania can only hope.