U.S. Soccer fans at the 2016 Copa America Centenario at the Linc. Credit: Dan Levy

“Bro. Broooooooo. You wanna head down to the Linc to see the U.S. play, bro? Yeah bro? Yeah, bro!”

Walk through the parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field in advance of the U.S. match with Paraguay in Copa America Centenario and that’s the conversation — or the equivalent — you would hear. Everywhere.

U.S. Soccer fans are a bro-tastic bunch, and unabashedly so. Conversely, while they are nowhere near as vociferous as the Uruguayan fans from earlier in the week, the Paraguayan fans — the many, many Paraguayan fans — know how to get ready for a game.

Take these guys, who were having so much fun the man in the middle didn’t even realize he was wearing a U.S. Soccer hat when I asked him who he was rooting for.


Or these folks, who were being interviewed in the parking lot next to some delicious smoking meats.

Credit: Dan Levy

Smoking meats. Mmmm…. smoking meats.

Credit: Dan Levy

Okay, onto the bros. So many bros.

Credit: Dan Levy

These bros were having some fun before I was able to get a decent video, literally showering one another, dousing themselves with beers. Then came the dancing.

There aren’t a ton of fans dressed up. Sure, it’s hot, but other than a Captain America here or there, it was pretty tame. There were these folks.

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Credit: Jeff Kehan

This bro and his bro were playing a mean game of corn hole.

Credit: Dan Levy

In terms of American fans playing tailgating games, the order of most popular games went like this:

  • Corn hole
  • Ladder ball
  • Beer Pong
  • Can Jam (which is basically throwing a frisbee into a trashcan)
  • Football (American)
  • Soccer

Credit: Dan Levy
Credit: Dan Levy
Credit: Dan Levy

Okay, back to the bros.

Credit: Dan Levy
Credit: Dan Levy
Credit: Dan Levy

Not all U.S. fans here in Philly are bros. Just most. Here’s a nice soccer family. You may have heard of them.

If a bro is wearing a cowboy hat, is he a cowbro?

Credit: Dan Levy

Even the pretzel guy got into the patriotic act. He had a good gig.

Credit: Dan Levy

Better than these guys. They were on police horse, ahem, duty.

Credit: Dan Levy

No word if they had to clean after this guy.

In all, thousands of fans came to Philly to cheer on the U.S., and while not all of them were bros, those who are make it easy to poke a little fun. All in the name of patriotism, bro.

Credit: Dan Levy