DNC 2016

Politicians, celebrities and Philly Jesus with Hillary: Selfies from the DNC

No better way to commemorate the Democratic National Convention than with your own photo of yourself.

Cory Booker poses with a DNC attendee.

Cory Booker poses with a DNC attendee.


Hillary did it. Cory Booker did it. Katy Perry did it and Walter White did it.

They all commemorated the Democratic National Convention with delegates, attendees and fans the best way everyone knows how: selfies. These are some of our favorite selfies of the DNC from inside the Wells Fargo Center:

Selfies with the politicians

Yes. That is Hillary Clinton being photobombed in a selfie by Michael Grant, AKA Philly Jesus. Lord help us all.

This guy definitely wins the selfie creep shot game.

These lucky ladies managed to find Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the Philadelphia Airport.

Team Gabby Giffords after her DNC address on Wednesday.

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm grabs a selfie after she addressed the DNC Thursday.

The PA delegation! Including Auditor General Eugene DePasquale and candidate for Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Selfies with the celebs

Justin Mikita, the husband of Jesse Tyler Ferguson, grabs a selfie with Elizabeth Banks, a noted Hillary Clinton supporter who appeared in that “Fight Song” collab video.

Ma dude got a pic with Walter White!

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Nerd Prom '16 🤓 #DemsInPhilly

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Actress Sophia Bush snags a DNC selfie with friends.

Univision reporter Jenny Padura just *happened* to bump into Anderson Cooper.

Vision is 2020? Waita by coy, Cory.

You played on stage AND got a selfie with Katy Perry? You win, sir.

This selfie is with legendary Steeler and immaculate conception star Franco Harris.

Journalist Roland Martin poses for a selfie with his live guests.

Selfies with everyone else

Rev. Mark Kelly Tyler, the pastor at Mother Bethel AME Church here in Philly, grabs a photo with Mothers of the Movement who spoke to the DNC on Tuesday. Each mother had a child who was killed in a racially-charged incident.

We love this Obama selfie. Also: Eyebrows. On. Fleek.

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To the floor for the Golden State! #demsinphilly

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California guy maybe just saw a ghost.

Volunteer selfie! “ASK ME.”

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This guy grabbed a selfie with Deray McKesson, an outspoken leader of Black Lives Matter and a one-time Baltimore mayoral candidate.

Action News reporter Sarah Bloomquist took some photos with Philly cops working the DNC.

And, of course, this random camera guy.

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