Gov. Tom Wolf: No excuse to not register to vote before Oct. 11 (guest column)

We all get busy. But this is too important to put off.

The Man from York in the Jeep you've heard so much about.

The Man from York in the Jeep you've heard so much about.


We all make excuses. Sometimes when I don’t want to do something around the house, I’ll schedule a policy briefing or decide to wash the Jeep.

Just kidding! But it is easy to make excuses when you’re busy. Fortunately, there’s no longer any excuse to avoid registering to vote now that Pennsylvania has online voter registration.

Here’s how easy it is: go to, select new registration, enter your information (about as much as you would to buy something online), verify you’re not a robot and click submit. Just a few minutes and you’re done. You can do it from your smartphone or laptop.

Since we’ve made it so quick to register to vote online, here’s eight things in Philadelphia that will take you more time than registering:

  1. Waiting for the next train on the Broad Street Line;
  2. Running up the steps at the Art Museum;
  3. Getting a cheesesteak from Jim’s on South Street;
  4. Finding where you can park on the street for more than two hours;
  5. Trying to figure out how to get out of Suburban Station;
  6. Waiting to get brunch anywhere in Northern Liberties on a Sunday;
  7. Getting a beer at the end of the third quarter of an Eagles game;
  8. Explaining to a friend from out-of- town why it is called ‘water ice’.

It really is that fast and easy. And most of all, it is really important. This election year is a big one — we’ll elect our next president and a host of statewide and local officials!

If you’ve moved recently or want to vote while on campus, you can also change your address and other information just as quickly.

If you don’t want to type in into your browser, you can even text ‘PA’ to 2Vote and we’ll deliver all the information you need.

And remember — you need to register to vote by October 11 to vote in this year’s election. So far, more than a half million Pennsylvanians found the time.

Join them. You’ve got no excuse.

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