Since 80 percent of Philadelphia voted for Hillary Clinton while the rest of the country shrugged, we’re guessing many people aren’t too happy with the possible result of this presidential election. But there’s always a silver lining and that silver lining is there is still plenty of time to drink.

And on a night like this you’re going to want to drink heavy. So we present to you the best places to get blackout drunk in Philadelphia. Note: These aren’t necessarily the nicest bars. Not a chance. They just happen to be a place where you’ll want to drink and drink and drink.

Ladder 15

You wouldn’t want to be in this place unless you were blackout drunk.



No matter what this place is always packed.


Especially if you want to smoke away your feelings, too.

Pretty much every dimly lit Irish bar

This pooch got pretty comfy at Brownie's Irish Pub in South Philly.
This pooch got pretty comfy at Brownie’s Irish Pub in South Philly. Credit: Via @phillypaws on Instagram

Yep, we have a lot of them. 

Oscar’s Tavern

The cheesesteak you won’t remember eating is pretty good here.

Tavern On Broad

See: Ladder 15.

Draft Horse

We know all you Temple kids who have been waiting in line need somewhere to go.

Johnny Brenda’s

For the Fishtowners who told everyone Bernie should be the Democratic candidate.

Bob and Barbara’s

Credit: Bob and Barbara’s, Yelp

Citywides! Here’s a guide for how you can get the most bang for you buck on Citywides throughout Philly.

Dirty Frank’s

Because where else would you really want to get blackout drunk?

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