In the alternate world where Hillary Clinton won against Donald Trump, many people thought former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter would have landed a cabinet position. That probably wasn’t the case, according to political reporter Mike Allen at Axios.

This morning, the former Politico scooper released a “Ghost Cabinet,” a list of names for cabinet spots cobbled together from interviews with insiders. Allen notes that by Election Day “her roster was so refined that most jobs had just one name.”

And Nutter didn’t make the list.

The former mayor had mostly been mentioned as a candidate for secretary of Housing and Urban Development and transportation secretary. Allen’s list didn’t have any people for those particular jobs but had politicians like Cory Booker, Tom Vilsack and others for unspecified positions.

Nutter’s relationship with Clinton goes back several years. In 2008, when Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination, Nutter endorsed Clinton, and she won the Pennsylvania Primary.

For now, Nutter is keeping busy. He’s taken on several part-time jobs since the election: CNN contributor, chairman of AirBNB’s mayoral advisory board, fellow at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, advisor with the Department of Homeland Security, professor at Columbia University and fellow at Drexel University.

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