What we know about Ellen DeGeneres shutting down a Philly street Wednesday

She won’t be here. But here’s how to get on her show, if you’re so inclined.

Ellen Degeneres
Cassie Owens, Reporter/Curator

Updated on March 22, 1:27 p.m.

Philly, Ellen is coming to town. Or really, her crew is. The television host and comedienne plans to feature a live remote telecast during her show tomorrow. News of this broke when Ellen tweeted it herself last night.

Then, this morning, she gave followers a couple more hints.

While the city first told Billy Penn that the Ellen Show would be shutting down the 1700 block, Ajeenah Amir, a spokeswoman for the city, later clarified that the action will happen on the 1600 block:

The City of Philadelphia will be temporarily closing Walnut Street for a live remote event with the Ellen Show on Wednesday, March 21, between 1-8pm.  The event will be concentrated on the 1600 block Walnut St., with closures from Broad to 17th Streets.  Numbered streets between Broad and 17th  Street will remain open.

That’s from the Bellevue to the corner just across from Rittenhouse Square. If you needed to get some shopping done on that corridor, go in the morning, hon!

Sharon Pinkenson, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, told the Philly.com that “Ellen will not be in Philadelphia but she will be live from satellite engaging with her Philadelphia fans.”

Local paparazzo HughE Dillon wondered if Philly fans might get freebies from Ellen’s shoe line, ED. A QVC rep confirmed that Ellen’s newest shoe collection through the network will be launching on Thursday, but wasn’t able to speak on whether the Ellen Show would be featuring the line during its Philly visit.

Tuesday afternoon, Ellen advised fans to be around at 4 p.m. If you’re trying to scream and wave on national television, smart money would be to arrive there in the early afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon, after folks already started lining up, Ellen tweeted that fans should “come dressed as a famous duo.”

The Ellen Show is pre-taped and broadcasts weekdays at 3 p.m. locally, but airs at different times throughout the country.


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