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Photos via @bnhill62 and @mark_golato on Instagram

It’s Phillies home opener day! Fan photos from Citizen’s Bank Park

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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Photos via @bnhill62 and @mark_golato on Instagram

Ah, yes. Forty-six degrees and cloudy. Feels like the Phillies home opener.

Despite today’s dreary weather outlook, the hype in the city for the Phillies’ first home game of the season is real. There’s families, pets, weird costumes and drinking taking place this afternoon in anticipation of the first game of the year at Citizen’s Bank Park. Here are some of our favorite photos from today’s festivities in South Philly:


@phillies baseball is back at the Bank 👍

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Who’s a good boy?

The breakfast of champions:

We start now

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This is…. a lot.

Home opener 2017 #philles #baseball #partner #workhusband #hessospecial

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I can feel the dedication, guys.

This dude is jacket goals.

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The block party’s been underway.

@phillies #HomeOpener Block Party underway

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Is there a more beautiful sight than fries in a baseball cap bowl?

Maybe crab fries AND Tony Luke’s.

NBC10 anchors straight from “the office.”

Not sure how dude got this shot, but certainly jealous.

Phillies opening day! #phillies #mlb #openingday2017#openingday

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