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It was a weird first round of the NFL Draft, but one of the few things everyone saw coming was Haason Reddick, the Temple defensive end who may convert to linebacker in the NFL, being taken in the first round. Reddick had what some thought of as top 10 talent, but with the craziness of the early part of the first round, he landed in a perfect spot for his skill set, taken 13th by the Arizona Cardinals and former Temple head coach Bruce Arians.

Reddick was taken one pick before the Eagles selected, making it a doubly-special moment for Philly football fans. After his selection, Reddick talked to us in the media tent about his moment, his new team and his amazing opportunity.

About that draft moment

“It’s very special and it meant a lot, especially to hear the uproar from the crowd when my name got called. That was beautiful. I didn’t know that it was going to be that loud. It was way louder than I expected. For all this to be in Philadelphia, it was great. It was beautiful.”

Going to Arizona

“Talking to the GM, talking to Coach BA (Bruce Arians) the love that was felt was so genuine and immediately I felt the love with the coaching staff and I felt that I wanted to be there. ”

What kind of NFL player will he be?

“I’m going to give everything that I have to offer. Just come in there and work hard. Try to be the best teammate. Try to work hard, try to be a student of the game, try to go in and be a good person for the community, give back to the fan base out there. I’m going to go out there to try to be a special person for the program.”

From walk-on to first round pick

“I never saw this coming. I always worked hard without setting an end reward. I never thought of what could come out of it until my junior hear in college and I put in even more work in my senior season and I continued to grind and I continued to work hard. Now that I’m here and I finally got my name called, it’s still sinking in, man. It’s still sinking in. I’m being overwhelmed with emotions, but it still sinking in.”

On almost falling to the Eagles

“I don’t even know. This draft is so tricky. I don’t even know. I was just waiting. I felt like it was going to be the Cardinals. If I fell past the Cardinals I didn’t know. This draft is tricky business.”

On being with his family at the NFL Draft in Philly

Haason Reddick and his mom at the NFL red carpet.

“It was beautiful. I’m glad I had the people I had around me. Most of the people there stuck with me throughout this whole journey, so to have them there and to share that moment with that, I wouldn’t want to spend that moment any other way.”

On what his pick means for the future of Temple Football

“It means that something special is really brewing at Temple and I would advise people to open their eyes to see what’s going on there.”

On leaving Philly weather for Arizona

“The sun is always shining in Arizona, so I’m definitely happy about that.”