Want to see the NFL Draft? This is the last parking spot in all of Fairmount.

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The parking apocalypse arrived in Fairmount and Spring Garden this week. Welcome to the second edition of This Week in Philly Parking. As always, send us your tips and photos of the best/worst parking situations to news@billypenn.com.

The traffic problems began weeks ago when NFL Draft setup began, but many of the parking restrictions didn’t go into effect until Wednesday. By Thursday, draft day, there was plenty of confusion — and ingenuity.

First off, the ingenuity. Brandywine Street between 22nd and 23rd was closed except for local traffic. The city put up a road closed sign, and one driver took advantage, parking a car in the intersection where people would normally be turning onto Brandywine Street. If a road is closed anyway, why not block it off further?

Credit: Mark Dent/Billy Penn

The other side of Brandywine Street, between 21st and 22nd, was not supposed to have restricted parking, at least not because of the draft. But signs posted on the street indicated parking was not allowed during the days of the draft, starting Thursday morning and continuing to Saturday night.

Not that it mattered. Several cars were still parked along the street with no sign of tow trucks.

But amid the craziness of Fairmount/Spring Garden, there was a bright spot. I came across this spot in front of the Philadelphian Thursday afternoon, perhaps the last parking spot in the neighborhood. It was up for grabs if you could fit — and somehow get through all the road closures.

Credit: Mark Dent/Billy Penn

Perhaps this was the guy who tried to park there:

Door-to-door service in East Kensington

Why bother with the weather when you can just park inches from your front door? On the sidewalk?

Credit: Shannon Wink/Billy Penn

‘Embrace the dark side, park in the middle of Broad St’

Over on Philly Reddit earlier this week, somebody asked this foolish question: “Folks who live in South Philly, how much of a pain is parking?” He was considering buying a car because he was possibly going to take a job in the suburbs.

The replies were everything you would expect:

  • “Hahahaha you’re gonna die, clown.”
  • “Anytime after 7pm on a weekday pray to whatever God you find anything within a three block radius.”
  • “Stupid ass mechanics park their work on the parking spots too so that take up more of the spots. Parking at acme gets you tolled. The weekend sucks more when the drunks and tourist come out at full force. It was hell when the bar garden was there, the past year.”
  • “Man, I have lived in the Pennsport section of South Philly all my life and parking gets shittier every year.”
  • “Homie, embrace the dark side, park in the middle of Broad St.”

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