Two police cars parked in the bike lane on North 13th Street

The talk of a neighborhood can be about anything from sports to politics to new developments to block parties, but it’s never entirely about those things. That’s because in Philadelphia everything comes back to parking. Mayfair provided a nice example of this phenomenon this week.

Welcome to the third edition of This Week in Philly Parking. As always, send us your tips and photos of the best/worst parking situations to

On the Mayfair Business Improvement District’s public Facebook page, the administrator shared a post about new potted plants going up in the neighborhood’s central business district. They feature evergreen shrubs “and butterfly-friendly flowers and vines.” Yay flowers, right! Right?

Yes, but also parking. The comments about how nice the planters would look when all of them were completed culminated with this comment: “I saw a car parked IN someone’s yard the other day…on a corner property I think at Princeton and Rowland. We are allowed to park cars in yards now?

Jurassic Park

When you have a Jeep similar to what Sam Neil drove in Jurassic Park, go ahead and park a little too close to the intersection. Nobody will mind.

South Philly sign of the week

This is actually quite rare. A parking job enraged somebody so much that he or she pleaded for the PPA to help/tow/fine.

Your nosy Passyunk Square neighbor sign of the day. from philadelphia

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Just remember, when the PPA comes along, it’s not always the best at reading signs, as seen here.

Worst parking job, lines are hard edition

These cars aren’t taking up space in a crowded lot, sure, but still. No. Your friendly South Philly ROSS does not approve.

Parking Tweet of the week (tie)

And apparently so tough that when you do get that great spot, even if it’s in a parking garage, you need to go into full party mode.

Jaleel Jones contributed to this report.

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