The Week in Parking

Not a spot in Roxborough, there’s that (illegally parked) Action News van: The week in Philly Parking

Also: Is it legal to jack your neighbor’s car and move it?

Via Selena Csapo on Facebook and @poseidonguy1 on Twitter

What should you do if your neighbors are constantly pulling stealthy tricks to save parking spots for each other? And when is an appropriate time to take your neighbor’s parking spot after they *gulp* kick the bucket?

We’ll ponder these questions and more below, the fourth edition of This Week in Philly Parking. As always, send us your tips and photos of the best/worst parking situations to Here’s the good, bad and the ugly in Philly parking this week:

Does this thing count as a motorcycle?

Good question: These, uh, things are often classified and licensed as motorcycles, so the driver is probably good to park in motorcycle spots. But this person also parked outside the lines. Here comes the PPA.

What’s the parking etiquette when your neighbor dies?

Asking for a friend in Philly. (Also, with a Twitter name like “KillaKellz,” girl should probably chill with the whole celebrating-her-neighbor’s-death thing.)

Glen Macnow thinks he’s great at parallel parking

WIP sports radio host Glen Macnow set off quite the conversation this week when he tweeted that he’s the king of parallel parking. Video or it didn’t happen, Glen.

Media parking wars

Media wonks will appreciate this comparison that shows an Action News park job versus, well, a bike.

Bad park jobs of the week

This park job by a pickup truck in Roxborough is… particularly egregious.

But it’s nowhere near as bad as this abomination in the suburbs just off the Regional Rail:

Parking tweet of the week

We’d be remiss to not include this spot-on Main Line mom shade:

And a throwback…

We weren’t doing “the Week in Philly Parking” last October, but we should have been:

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