Wednesday June 7, 2017 With assistance from his aide Bill Cosby arrives for day 3 of his sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, PA. ED HILLE / Staff Photographer The Philadelphia Inquirer / Pool

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NORRISTOWN — When Gianna Constand heard about her daughter’s accusation of sexual assault against Bill Cosby in early 2005, she quickly confronted the comedian during an almost two-hour phone call.

Cosby tried to explain that it was consensual, she said. Throughout the conversation, she claimed he referred to her as “mom.”

He said,” Gianna Constand recounted, “‘mom she even had an orgasm.’”

That was one of the many lurid details shared by Gianna Constand on the stand late Wednesday afternoon. Cosby is on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in early 2004 when she was the director of basketball operations for the Temple University team.

For months, Constand told no one about the alleged assault. It wasn’t until Constand began having nightmares that she confided in her mother.

“I could hear her,” Gianna Constand said, “the fact that she screamed after the nightmares. As it went on — and it was very very frequent — she would scream in her sleep or she would wake up in a sweat.”

Once Andrea Constand explained to her the minor details of the alleged assault, Gianna sought to learn more from Cosby and engaged him in a two-hour conversation in which Cosby divulged details of the evening in question.

“He said that he was touching her breasts,” Gianna Constand testified. “He called me ‘mom’ throughout the whole conversation. He said to me, ‘don’t worry mom there was no penile penetration, just digital penetration.’ He was talking about it almost like he was repeating it to me to believe that it was consensual or that it was OK by her. In other words manipulating it. He said, ‘I feel bad telling you this. I feel like it sounds perverted.’”

She said Cosby went off on several tangents where he attempted to tell stories unrelated to the evening with her daughter. She said she tried to get him to say what pills he gave her daughter, but was unsuccessful.

“He admitted he was a sick man,” Gianna Constand said.

At one point during the conversation, Gianna Constand said, Cosby told her he would pay for therapy for Andrea. Gianna Constand responded that all she wanted was an apology for her daughter.

“He said to me, ‘I apologize to Andrea and I apologize to you, mom.’”

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