Bill Cosby trial

Bill Cosby’s trial cost Montgomery County taxpayers $220,000

Jurors’ meals alone cost $14K; the TV setup for the media totaled $16K. And we’ll do it all again.

Bill Cosby arrives at Montgomery County Courtroom A for a pretrial hearing in his sexual assault trail April 3, 2017.

Bill Cosby arrives at Montgomery County Courtroom A for a pretrial hearing in his sexual assault trail April 3, 2017.

Clem Murray / Pool Photo

The Bill Cosby case — the only criminal sexual assault charges faced by the former comedian accused by dozens of women across the nation, which ended in a hung jury and is scheduled to be re-tried this fall — has cost Pennsylvania taxpayers $220,000, according to the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

The total amount of $219,100 includes overtime costs for court personnel and the sheriff’s office and detective’s office, as well as for media and the jury.

Some $46,000 was spent on accommodations for the jury, which was bused in from Allegheny County. The 12 jurors and six alternates received meals at a cost of $14,000 over two weeks — or about $55 per juror per day.

As the jury deliberated and a split verdict became increasingly likely, the court began sharing what the jurors were eating for dinner. Judge Steven T. O’Neill at one point told the jury the transcription of the court record for one of their questions would be answered after they ate their hot stromboli.

And then there was the time the jury wanted water ice.

The media coverage came with a cost, too. More than 150 outlets, ranging from local Philly reporters to Hollywood publications to European TV and print outlets, had credentials, and only about half could fit in the courtroom. The other half sat in an auxiliary room, watching on closed-circuit TV. The cost for that technology was $16,100.

Costs for overtime for court and police personnel totaled $129,000. The Montgomery County Commissioners said the impact the Cosby trial would have on the yearly budget was unknown.

The retrial is expected to begin Nov. 6.

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